• woodrow Wilson is elected as President

  • Ford Motor Company

    The Ford Motor Company released the road automobile, creating a boom in te new industry
  • The National Federal Reserve

    The National Federal Reserve was established, which is a central banking system
  • World War I

    WWI breaks out in Europe
  • 19th Amendment Ratified

    Women now have the right to vote
  • Warren G Harding is elected president

  • The Quota Act

    Act enforced restriction on immigration
  • Emergency Tarif Act

    Tarrifs on farming and industrial businesses now existed
  • Budgeting and Accounting Act

    Regulates the federal govenments accounts
  • Coolidge elected president

  • New Immigration Law

    Congress passes a lawregulating immigration
  • The Dawes Plan

    Solved German reparations
  • Herbert Hoover is elected president

  • NYPD Raid BC Clinic

    NYPD raid a birth control center arresting two doctors and three nurses.
  • Academy Awards

    First Academy awards given for science and motion picture arts
  • London Naval Treaty

    The London Naval Treaty is signed by the US, Britain, and Japan
  • First lady press conference

    The first first lady press conference where only woman are involved and invited
  • LOndon Economic conference

    The London Economic Conference was to discuss the national dression
  • Franklin D Roosevelt elected President

  • Gold reserve Act passed

    Let the US fix the value of the US dollar by 50-60 cents
  • Dust storms sweep the south

    est. 30,000,000 tons of topsoil on OK,AK,TX,KS