By hanr.c
  • 1 CE

    9/11 Terrorist Attacks

    four airplanes were hijacked and two destroyed the twin towers in NYC, one crashed into the Pentagon, and the fourth was crahed in a field in PA after the passenges on board took over the aircraft.
  • Mt Saint Helen's Eruption

    Mount St. Helens became the largest and most destructive volcanic eruption in U.S. history.
    57 people dead.
  • Ronald Reagan

    Reagon elected as president
  • Iran Hostage Release

    The Iran hostage crisis negotiations were negotiations in 1980 and 1981 between the United States Government and the Iranian Government to end the Iranian hostage crisis. The 52 American hostages, seized from the US Embassy in Tehran in November 1979
  • Sandra O'Conner Joins US Supreme Court

    She is the first female member of the Supreme Court.
  • Challenger Crash

    Challenger Explosion CNN Video the space shuttle Challenger exploded during lift off, killing all on board including school teacher Christa McAuliffe.
  • Tax Reform Act of 1986

    Simplified the tax code and broadedned the tax base. It was referred to as "Reagan tax cuts".
  • Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    Agreement between US and USSR. Limits ground intermidiate range nuclear weapons
  • George H. W. Bush

    wins presidency