1980 - 2001

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  • Reagan Elected

    Reagan Elected
    Republican Party's Ronald Reagan elected president, and goes on to adopt a tough anti-communist policy abroad and tax-cutting policies at home.
  • Challenger

    Space shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds after liftoff, killing all seven crew members. It is the worst accident in the history of the U.S. space program.
  • Desert Storm

    Desert Storm
    U.S. leads international coalition in military operation to drive Iraqis out of Kuwait.
  • LA Riots

    LA Riots
    The acquittal of four white police officers charged in the 1991 beating of black motorist Rodney King in Los Angeles sets off several days of rioting, leading to more than 50 deaths, thousands of injuries and arrests, and $1 billion in property damage.
  • World Trade Bombing

    World Trade Bombing
    Bomb explodes in basement garage of World Trade Center, killing 6, injuring 1,000, and causing more than $500 million in damage.
  • North American Free Trade Agreement

    North American Free Trade Agreement
    NAFTA helped integrate supply chains in the three countries and generates billions in cross-border trade
  • OKC Bombing

    OKC Bombing
    Bombing of federal office building in Oklahoma City kills 168 people.
  • Impeach 42

    Impeach 42
    House of Representatives votes to impeach President Clinton on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.
  • Columbine

    School shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., leaves 14 students (including the 2 shooters) and 1 teacher dead and 23 others wounded.
  • 9/11

    Co-ordinated suicide terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon