1970's timeline

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  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13
    was the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon
  • Kent State Shooting

    Kent State Shooting
    Kent State shooting happened on May 4, 1970. Students were protesting against the Cambodian Campaign dealing with Vietnam War. Four students killed and 9 injured.
  • Jackson State Shooting

    Jackson State Shooting
    Not long after Kent State Shooting, another Cambodia protest shooting occurs at Jackson State. Killing 2, injuring 12.
  • 26th Amendment

    26th Amendment
    1970 President Richard Nixon passed the voting rights act which means 18 year olds could now vote March 23, 1971 the house voted in favor Signed into law into July of that year Fasted time any proposed amendment has been pressed forward
  • Walt Disney World Opens

    Walt Disney World Opens
    Magic Kingdom was the only park when it opened on October 1,1971, Walt Disney and his brother Roy started buying 27,000 acres of land near Orlando, Florida, after Disneyland opened and became successful
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    Five men are caught burglarizing the Democratic National Committee. They possessed eavesdropping equipment. This is the beginning of the national Watergate Scandal. The Watergate Scandal had nothing to do with water!
  • Mark Spitz 1972 Olyimpics

    Mark Spitz 1972 Olyimpics
    Swimmer Mark Spitz sets 7 world records and gets 7 gold medals at the 1972 Summer Olyimpics.
  • Apollo 17

    Apollo 17
    was the final mission of the United States' Apollo lunar landing program, and was the sixth landing of humans on the Moon.
  • End of Vietnam War

    End of Vietnam War
    In 1969 Nixon says we will continue in the war in order to end conflict.By 1972 less than 30% of the U.S. citizen agreed on being in the war. On March 29, 1973, U.S. pulls out of the conflict leaving South Vietnam to defend itself. 58,282 American soldiers lost their lives, and 303,644 more were wounded.
  • Sears Tower Completed

    Sears Tower Completed
    completed on May, 3rd 1973, this surpassed the World Trade Center and Empire State Building as tallest building. Final cost of the building was around $150 million. Stands a total height of 1,730 feet.
  • Oil Crisis

    Oil Crisis
    Arabs put an embargo an oil because of United State's involvement with an attack on Israel earlier that year. Oil prices raised 70% to $5 a barrel, then soaring to $12 a barrel. This causes panic, rationing, conservation, and reduction. Ends in 1974
  • Nixon Resigns

    Nixon Resigns
    Richard Nixon knows he had been discovered and resigns from office.
  • Bill Gates Starts Microsoft

    Bill Gates Starts Microsoft
    Founded in 1975, worldwide leader in software
  • SNL Begins

    SNL Begins
    First SNL aired. Hosted by George Carlin. Musical guests included Billy Preston and Janis Ian. Cast included Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase, John Belushi, and others.
  • The King Dies

    The King Dies
    His health rapidly deteriorated due to drug misuse. On tour, in early 1977, he stood on stage for thirty minutes before starting to sing, but was too slurred to even understand. August 16,1977 Elvis was found dead in bathroom at home. His funeral was held at Graceland and approximately 80,000 people were lined up en route to Forest Hill Cemetery.
  • Disco Scene Ignites

    Disco Scene Ignites
    John Travolta stars in “Saturday Night Fever” igniting the disco scening. Before people were just starting to occupy their free time with dancing. Now everyone wanted a spot on the dance floor!