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  • Apollo 13 saved

    Apollo 13 saved
    Apollo 13 astronauts saved after a fail launch.
  • China

    China launched it's first sattelite into space.
  • Space Station set up.

    Setting up of space stations.
  • Apollo 14

    Apollo 14
    Apollo 14 lands on the moon! WOOHOO!
  • Soyuz DEATH.

    Soyuz DEATH.
    Soyuz 11 crew is DEAD. Remember them.
  • Japan's first

    Japan launched a satellite for the first time in 1972 :D
  • Pioneeer 10

    Pioneer 10 becomes the first man-made object to travel through the asteroid belt.
  • AM 10

    American Mariner 10 is launched, on the first dual-planet mission. Over the next year, it returned photographs of Venus and Mercury.
  • NASA

    NASA launches the first Synchronous Meteorological Satellite, SMS-1
  • European Space Agency

    European Space Agency(ESA) was founded.
  • Apollo-Soyuz test project.

    Apollo-Soyuz test project.
    Apollo-Soyuz was the last Apollo mission and the first joint U.S/Soviet space flight.
  • Viking

    Viking 2 landfs on Mars
  • Voyagers

    Voyager 1 and 2 start their flight to Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Venus

    Two Pioneer spacecrafts reach Venus
  • Skylab

    Reentry of Skylab.

    Pioneer 11 reaches Saturn.