1960-1969 timeline

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    timeline of the 60's

  • Hostels Opened on Anzac day

    Hostels Opened on Anzac day
    Hotels and theatres open for the first time on Anzac Day. Organised sport allowed in the afternoon.
  • Yo-Yo sweeps the world

    Yo-Yo sweeps the world
    In the year 1961 the Yo-Yo was the latest craze hitting all four corners of the world becoming part of every house hold and shaping children of that generation
  • JFK introduces the Peace Corps

    JFK introduces the Peace Corps
    JFK introduces the peace Corps to improve education, agriculture and overall living sandard in the US
  • constrution of the Berlin War

    constrution of the Berlin War
    In !961 the Berlin wall was inder construction, the reason behind the wall is to seperate Eastern germany (comunist Germany) from western Germany (democratic germany)
  • I have a Dream

    I have a Dream
    On this day Martin Luther King jr, one of the most inflential and important fighures of the 60's delivered his iconic I have a dream speech
  • Kennedy assissination

    Kennedy assissination
    On this day, Prestident John F. Kennedy was assissinated in dallas, Texas. President Lyons immediatley took his position.
  • Froum pounds to dollars

    Froum pounds to dollars
    On this day Ausrtalia breaks its ties further from England by changing from pounds to decimal currrency, also they moved to the metric system
  • The last Hanging

    Ronald Ryan becomes the last man hanged in Australia; he was executed for the murder of prison warder George Hodson while escaping from Pentridge Prison on 19 December 1965
  • The new Australia

    The new Australia
    Australian Constitution was amended to allow the Commonwealth to make laws for Aborigines and include them in the census.
  • The first man on the moon

    The first man on the moon
    ON this day the apollo 11 luna module safeley landed on the moon, out of the hatch man took the the first steps on the moon, Niel Armstong was this man with the iconic line 'The eagle has landed'. He was followed by his fellow astroonaut and friend Buzz Aldrin