• April 9, 1940

    when German forces invaded Norway and Denmark.
  • May 10, 1940

    May 10, 1940, Germany began its assault on western Europe by invading the Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg), which had taken neutral positions in the war, as well as France.
  • france surrenders to germany

    hitlers forces attack france conqering luxemburgh netherlands belguim in the process
  • battle of midway

    the battle of midway started on june 4th 1942. it fought near the central pacific island of midway
  • the battle of stalingard

    the battle of stalingard is considered to have been a turning point in the ww2 in europe
  • japaneese attack pearl harbor

    the japs attacked pearl harbor dec 7 1942. admeral yamamoto initiated planning the attack on pearl harbor
  • DDay

    Allied power landed on a 50 mile stretch of fortified french coastline to fight nazi germany
  • allies liberate paris

    after 4 years paris is free
  • the battle of bulge

    this was an all out attack by hitler to split the allies in there drives towards germany
  • battle of iwoa jima

    the capture of iwo jima was part of a three point plan the americans had for winning the war
  • FDR Dies truman becomes president

    fdr died on april 10th right after truman became president
  • hitler comits suicide

    hitler comits suicide on 30 apr 1945
  • ve day

    victory in eroupe
  • atomic bomb

    this newly made bomb was dropped by parachute from an american b92 bomber 1102 local time
  • vj day

    when we made japan surrender and we won