Freddie mercury

Life Of Freddy Mercury

By ashleyv
  • Freddy is born

    Freddy is born
    Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury) is born in Stone Town, Zanzibar September 5th, 1946. His parents, Bomi and Jer were Persian making him of Persian descent.
  • School starts

    School starts
    At the Age of eight, Freddie started to attend St. Peters English boarding school, about 50 miles away from Bombay, India. His friends began to call him Freddie.
  • Moving To England

    Moving To England
    When Freddie was 17 he was forced to move to England in 1964 because of an invasion. He then decided to enroll in art college at Isleworth Polytechnic. Later he had been accepted to Ealing College.
  • Smile :D

    Smile :D
    Freddie joined the band ``Smile`` with Roger Talyor and Brian May, and Tim Staffel. Where he again played piano.
  • A new beginning

    A new beginning
    Tim Staffel left ``Smile`` and Freddie took over as the lead singer. He then changed the bands name to ``Queen``, and changed his last name to Mercury.
  • Making it

    Making it
    John Deacon joined the band to make Queen complete. Freddie Designed the bands logo using their birth signs. Freddie was the author of their first song that entered British charts (Seven Seas Of Rhye), The first big hit (Killer Queen) And their most famous song, (Bohemian Raphsody).
  • Japan !

    Japan !
    Queen toured Japan. Crowds of screaming fans were following them everywhere, and they were taken by suprise at the feedback. Since then Freddie had Started to collect Japanese art and antiquities.
  • A New Look

    A New Look
    Freddie Decided to change his image. He cut his hair and grew a mustache. His fans began sending him nail polish and razor blades.
  • Taking a break

    Taking a break
    Queen decided to take a break from each other and announced they wouldn`t be touring through 1983. Freddie had wanted to experament with a solo album. He had released his first solo single September 10th, 1984 called Love Kills.
  • Making History

    Making History
    Queen Performed for Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in front of 72 000 people !!! Live Aid was broadcasted to over one billion people world wide. Queen had their place in history, every media person, Journalist, Fan AND critic agreed.
  • One last time

    One last time
    Freddie Appeared at the Open Air festival in Barcelona. October 8th was the last time freddie performed on stage. He was dieing of AIDS. He did not want people to know about it. He announced his sickness the day before his death. While he was ill he still composed and wrote songs.
  • A Sad Day

    A Sad Day
    Freddie Mercury died peacefully at his home in London of AIDS related Bronchial Pneumonia.
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