PP Verse

  • Sarah meets David.

    Sarah goes to Meet & Greet after the AI Live concert and gives David the "I'm David Fucking Cook, man." t-shirt. David thinks it's totally awesome and gives her a hug.
  • David is seen wearing the DFC t-shirt.

    David is seen at a promo event for his new CD wearing the DFC t-shirt Sarah made for him. She promptly dies.
  • Sarah comes to visit Amber in KC.

    Sarah arrives in Kansas City to visit Amber for a week and a half.
  • Amber and Sarah run into David at the bar.

    David and his entourage come into the bar where Sarah and Amber are hanging out. The bar ends up roping off section with David and his friends and Amber and Sarah's table in it. David recognizes Sarah as the girl who gave him the DFC shirt. [More detail at woodponies.]
  • David takes Sarah and Amber to lunch.

  • Amber runs into Andrew.

    Amber runs into Andrew while running around downtown Kansas City. He says hi but doesn't really expect her to have a conversation with him because his famous big brother isn't around. She stops, though, and talks to him about his upcoming gig at the Beaumont Club and then they make plans to get lunch the next day.
  • Birthday Mix-Up!

    Amber is in Chicago for Sarah's birthday; she, Sheila and Sarah are going to dinner. David calls & has the wrong date marked, then flies into Chicago that night.
  • Sarah's 30th!

    Sarah turns 30. (Shut it, Amber.)
  • Thanksgiving

    Everyone goes back home for their respective Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • David finally tells Sarah he loves her.

    David shows up at Sarah's apartment building in Chicago unanounced and apologizes for his douchebag behavior and finally tells Sarah he loves her. Sarah forgives him and says the same.
  • Amber's 28th Birthday

    David, Sarah, and Kelly are in Kansas City for Amber's birthday. Big party at a local bar. Afterwards, David and Sarah drag Amber to her apartment where she passes out still clinging to a champagne bottle. David and Sarah stay up talking. Somehow, discussion of marriage comes up and then all the sudden, David proposes. They decide to go to Las Vegas on the first available flight in the morning. They try to wake Amber to tell her, but Amber throws a pillow at them and rolls back over.
  • Sarah and David get married in Las Vegas.

    Sarah and David catch a flight at 5:45 in the morning to Vegas. They get married that day. Later that night, Sarah realizes they got married on their 6 month anniversary as a couple. Amber yells a lot about them leaving her. Sarah tells her to shut up. Andrew calls Amber's apartment looking for David. Amber yells to Andrew. Andrew laughs and admits he knew David had been wanting to propose to Sarah for a while and was only waiting for the right time. Amber yells at Andrew some more.