presidential time line

  • Commander in cief

    Commander in cief
    As the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army the services and achievements of George Washington are unique in world's history. He was much more than a Commander in Chief. He was a person who was calm, and who determined sense of patriotic duty to our country, and kept it from collapsing or merging into a civil conflict.
  • Legislative Leader

    Legislative Leader
    George Washington was a fantastic leader.Whenever something needed to be done, whether it was getting supplies during the harsh winter at Valley forge, bringing the army back, or maintaining discipline in his incredibly undisciplined troops, he did it.He may have lost more battles than he won, but he knew that to win the war he just had to keep his army together long enough for the British to lose their resolve.That is why he is one of the greatest leaders in our history.
  • Chief Executive

    Chief Executive
    The Nation's first chief executive took his oath of office in April in New York City on the balcony of the Senate Chamber at Federal Hall on Wall Street. General Washington had been unanimously elected President by the first electoral college, and John Adams was elected Vice President because he received the second greatest number of votes. Under the rules, each elector cast two votes. The Chancellor of New York and fellow Freemason, Robert R. Livingston administered the oath of office.
  • Chief Diplomat

    Chief Diplomat
    Foreign affairs are considered by most presidents to be the most important, yet few presidents come into office with experience to be convertant with world politics.George washington was in this position, but he was convinced that the stability of the nation really depended on the nation's established visibility in te world.
  • Chief Of State

    Chief Of State
  • Leader of Legislative party

    Leader of Legislative party