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By amenk
  • bush declares war in iraq

    bush declares war in iraq
    ir was a tough decision for him to declare such a thing, for he had to decide weather or not to send thousands of troops to go and fight for our country.
  • State

    Aboard the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN President Bush made a landing aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln Thursday arriving in the co-pilot's seat of a Navy S 3B Viking after making two fly bys of the carrier.
  • Commander and Chief

    Commander and Chief
    President Bush has risen in polls after taking the calculated risk to elevate security issues over pocketbook concerns in the campaign's home stretch.
  • Executive order

    Executive order
    He added a President%u2019s Advisory Panel
    on federal tax reform.
  • Diplomat

    President Bush will meet in Washington with Sudan's Vice-President Salva Kiir. The President will discuss with Sudan's leader how to reenact peace in the suffering African country.
  • party leader

    party leader
    Martin, a commissioner who was appointed chairman by President Bush on Wednesday afternoonhe would be responsible for shepherding the agency through a his role U.S. telecommunications laws and an upswing in telephone calling over the Internet. this is an example of political party leader because he appoints somone
  • Legislator

    Washington President Bush signed legislation today to renew the Higher Education Act, the major law governing federal student aid. He shows his power in law making.
  • Executive

    Bush signed an executive order to issue Statutory Pay Systems. The rates of basic pay or salaries of the statutory pay systems as adjusted under 5 are set forth on the schedules attached hereto and made a part hereof The General Schedule at Schedule.