• Leader Of Political Party

    Leader Of Political Party
    Bill Clinton choses Al Gore as his running mate. This is Bill acting out the role of Leader of Political party because he won the nomination and he had to chose a Vice President.
  • Cheif Diplomat

    Cheif Diplomat
    The Bill Clinton signs an agrrement between the US, Mexico, and Canada. This agreement was the North American Free Trade Agreement. This is Cheif Diplomat because Bill was working with other countries.
  • Executive Order

    Bill Clinton made an Executive order about the education of hispanic Americans. He made a comittee to see that Hispanic Americans are meeting national education standards. This is an executive order because he did it on his own because he felt it needed to be done
  • Commandor and Cheif

    Shortly after he was sworn in, soldiers deploid in Samolia by George H. W. Bush were being killed. The original plan was just a humanitarian mission and it turned into slaughter of American soldiers. At this, Clinton used his Commandor and cheif power to with draw the soldiers. This is commandor and cheif because he is the head of the military and he controls what they do.
  • Cheif of State

    Cheif of State
    On this date Bill spoke over the radio to the people of the United States in order to let them know what is going on. This is his cheif of state power because he is going out to talk to the people and tell them what he thinks they should know.
  • Most Important Decision

    Bill Clinton signed the the landmark welfare reform bill. This bill was for tons of money going to put more money toward medical care, food aid and child care assisstance programs. This increase child care funds by 40% to 14 billion dollars. This is important because this is a lot of money. There is no way that isn't important.
  • Legislative

    On this date Bill singed the "Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation act into a law." This is his legislative power because the bill goes through both houses to get to him and he has to sign it.
  • Executive

    Bill Clinton appointed Miceal M. Reyna to be Cheif of Agriculture. This was an executive power because he has to appoint people to be in the executive branch with him.