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  • First Day as President

    First Day as President
    The day Bill Clinton ,from the Demicratic party, was elected with 370 electoral votes, and beat Goege Bush who had 167. Bill had 44,909,889 popular vote and Bush had 39,104,545. his other apponent was H. ross Perot and got a 19,742,267 popular vote. His Vice President was Albert Gore, Jr.
  • Head of Taske Force.

    Head of Taske Force.
    Bill names his wife as head of taske force. Hilary was appointed to work on a heath care thing that was abandoned in September.
  • Terrorist Attack

    Terrorist Attack
    In the World Trade Center in New York. Six people died and 1000's more injured. There was 500 Million dollars in damage.
  • Trade Embargo Ends

    A 19 Yearold trade embargo between us and Vietnam is ended by Clinton.
  • Clinton is Impeaches

    Clinton is Impeaches
    There is a lawsuit filed on Clinton for violation of civil rights Eastern District of Arkansas, Ms. Jones. According to her, He invite to his hotel and 'wanted some' but was shit down. This happened in 1991, but for some reason it was brought up now. Trial came was in the favor for Clinton, yay him.
  • Stephen Breyer

    Clinton appoints Stephen Breyer to the Supreme Court. the senate confirms it 2 months later
  • Bomb in Oklahoma City kills.

    A bomb in Oklahoma City kills 168 people. A goverment office was distroyed. over 800 injured. This was the largest Terrorist attack on american soil before 9/11. They attackers where doing it for a militia movement. Clinton Went to the scene a few days later to honor the dead ones.
  • Second Term as President

    Second Term as President
    Bill Clinton is elected into his second term and day he was He started the second term as president and got 379 electoral votes and beat Bob and Ross. Bill also got 45,628,667 popular vote. YAY!!!
  • Balanced Buget

    Clinton sighns first Balance Buget scince 69'

    Clinton signed a law that implement two 1996 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaties. the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances/ Phonograms. Also, it addressed a number of copyrite related issuses. It had five titles. One of them was being able to copyrite online.
  • 1994 Impeachments, Trial.

    1994 Impeachments, Trial.
    Even though he was impeached in 1994, Clinton and Jones settled for a trial in on this date. Bill won with the jury saying sh was fine and nothing bad happened to get him in trouble, big waste of time.
  • Ipeachment Articles.

    Ipeachment Articles.
    The House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment against President Clinton, one for perjury and the other for obstruction of justice.
  • Airstrike on Yugoslavia

    As the Serbian the protested, The NATO Planned an air strike on the Yugoslavia after Serbian leaders refuse to end their fight against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province. It ended in June when the leaders withdrew.
  • Last day in office

    Last day in office
    The last day Clinton was in office in his second term.