Vietnam war 2

Vietnam Lampman

  • Dien Bien Phu

    French command post at Dien Bien Phu is occupied by Vietnamese forces. The battle lasted 55 days with victory to the Viet Minh.
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail Created

    A supply route from North Vietnam to the Vietcong in South Vietnam along the Cambodian/Vietnamese border, know as the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
  • U.S. Involvement

    U.S. support comes to South Vietnam under JFK's orders.
  • Operation Rangeland

    The operation begins with the goal of clearing vegetation along highways so Vietcong would be less likely to ambush. The areas are expanded to forests, using Agent Orange to kill vegetation.
  • Gulf Of Tonkin

    The captain of the U.S.S. Maddox reported that he was shot at and that an attack is immenent. President Johnson orders American jets to bomb two naval bases and destroy a major oil facility. Later the captain said the attack never happened.
  • Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution

    President Johnson gets the power to do whatever is necessary to defend southeast Asia from the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed by congress.
  • Rolling Thunder Beings

    President Johnson authorizes the bombing operation of North Vietnam to stop Vietcong Guerrillas in South Vietnam.
  • U.S. Offers Peace For Economic Aid To North Korea

    The U.S. offers North Korea economic aid in exchange for peace. The offer, however, was rejected. President Johnson then sent over 60,000 more troops to Vietnam.
  • First Major Vietnam Battle With U.S. Involvement

    An imminent attack against the U.S. Marine Base at Chu Lai is revealed from a Vietcong deserter. After, the U.S. launches Operation Starlight. The U.S. won with 700 Vietcong soldiers dead.
  • American Forces Total 385,000

    At the end of 1966, American forces reach 385,000 with an additional 60,000 sailors offshore. U.S. death tolls reach 6,000 and 30,000 wounded. Vietcong, however, have an estimated 61,000 deaths with over 210,000 troops.
  • Operation Junction City

    The goal of this peration was ot destroy Vietcong bases and military headquarters in South Vietnam. One of the largest air-moble assaults and succeded in capturing large quantities of stores, equipment, and weapons.
  • Khe Sanh Attacked By Vietcong

    The Marine base at Khe Sanh is attacked by Vietcong with 18 dead soldiers instantly and 40 more wounded. Initial attack lasted two days.
  • Tet Offensive Begins

    Vietcong units shock attack over 100 cities and towns in South Vietnam on the Tet holiday. By the end of the battles, 37,000 Vietcong were dead and many were wounded or captured. The fighting created over half a million refugees and over 2,500 Americans lost.
  • My Lai Massacre

    U.S. Charlie Company kills over 200 civilians in My Lai. Only one member of the company is found guilty. Raised unsettling questions on the conduct of war.
  • Rolling Thunder Ends

    Operation Rolling Thunder finally ends after three and a half years with 819 pilots dead or missing and hundreds in captivity. 182,000 North Vietnamese civilians and 20,000 Chinese support personnel are dead.
  • Nixon Takes Office

    President Nixon takes office. In regard to Vietnam, he wants to achieve "Peace With Honor" which would include sending half a million troops home andstill helping South Vietnam.
  • Peration Menu

    With the authorization of President Nixon, Operation Menu goes underway with the bombing of North Vietnamese and Vietcong bases in Cambodia. More than half a million tons of bombs are dropped over Cambodia in the next four years.
  • Agent Orange Ends

    Over 11 million gallons of Agent Orange, which contains the toxic chemical Dioxin, is sprayed on South Vietnam.
  • Only 133,000 U.S. Troops Remain In Vietnam

    Two thirds of American troops have gone home over two years and ground war is the responsibility of South Vietnam with 100,000 soldiers.
  • Peace Talks Break Down

    Peace talks between North Vietnam and America breakdown.
  • Peace Talks Resume

    Peace talks between North Vietnam and America resume.
  • Cease Fire Signed

    A cease fire is signed by all warring countries in the Vietnam War.
  • Nixon Resigns

    President Nixon resigns leaving South Vietnam without its strongest advocate.
  • Final Evacuations

    The last Marines of the force guarding the U.S. embassy are flown out. Nearly 1,000,000 NVA and Vietcong, and 25,000 South Vietnamese soldiers have been killed. Hundreds of thousands of civillians have also been killed.