Gibrans 1st Timeline

By gibran
  • French Cameroon

    French Cameroon gained independence.
  • JFK and being Democratic

    JFK and being Democratic
    Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.
  • Albert Camus

    Albert Camus
    Albert Camus French writer, died in an automobile accident at age 46. He won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1957.
  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley
    The US Army promoted Elvis Presley to Sergeant.
  • Johnburgh Colemine

    Johnburgh Colemine
    Johnburg colemine caved in and 417 people died.
  • Bus Boycott

    Bus Boycott
    Martin Luther king Jr. was arrested for the Alabama bus Boycott.
  • The Anthem

    The Anthem
    1,000 Black students prayed and sang the national anthem on the steps of the old Confederate Capitol in Montgomery, Ala.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War officially begins with 900 military advisors landing in Saigon
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis, Fight between Frace and Cuba
  • Assassination of JFK

    President Kennedy assassinated
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Speech

    March on Washington; Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream" speech
  • 24th Amendment

    The U.S. Senate approved 24th Amendment calling for a ban on the poll tax.