The Life Of Geoffery Chaucer

By spayne
  • Jan 1, 1345

    chaucers birth

    chaucers birth
    Chaucer was born to an upper middle class family his parents were Agnus and John chaucer they worked in the wine trade.De was born in london there is no precise date.
  • Jan 1, 1353

    chaucers first school and job

    Chaucer got a basic education form a church school from somewhere in london from the age of eight he got his first job as a junior page for king Edward the third.
  • Jan 1, 1357

    chaucers second job

    served as a courtier to the countess of ulster
  • Jan 1, 1359

    the hundred year war

    Chaucer served in the Hundred Year%u2019s War between England and France from 1359 to 1360. While he was serving in the military, he was captured by France and ransomed for 16 pounds. (The position, which Chaucer served as, was a Valletus.)
  • Jan 1, 1360

    chaucer becomes a diplomat

    From about 1360 to the 1370%u2019s, Chaucer went on many diplomatic missions to Europe. The reason of why Chaucer was chosen to go on the missions was because he had parents who were wine merchants, so he had picked up a small bit of Italian from them; he also had been serving the royal family for many years since his childhood.
  • Jan 1, 1370

    the book of the duchess

    The Book of The Duchesse was an elegy for John of Jaunt%u2019s wife, who had died during the Bubonic Plague.
  • Jan 1, 1386

    chaucers marriage

    In 1386, while he was a courtier, he married a fellow courtier named Phillipa Pan. However, she died in 1387. Chaucer had two children while he was married to Phillipa. Their names were Thomas, who was the first born, and Lewis, who was born second.
  • Jan 1, 1387

    chaucers diplomatic affairs

    worked in France En,gland and Italy as a customs and affairs minister he was also in charge of the wool income in england this was a huge important buisness.
  • Jan 1, 1390

    His pention

    Received a fine gown of scarlet from the Earl of Derby in 1395 because of all of his work for the royal families, including many diplomatic and military related trips to Florence, Italy.
    Had his pension renewed with Henry IV in the month of June, 1400. Earned a townhouse from John of Gaunt after going on many diplomatic and military related trips to Florence, Italy.chaucer also earned a pention of a barrol of wine a DAY