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Space Inventions :)

  • Mar 31, 1000

    Rocket Ships

    Rocket Ships
    The first rockets were invented in China. Rockets are used to get into space and to be a home away from home while the astronauts are in space.
  • The Space Suit

    The Space Suit
    The space suit was originally called the "pressure suit." The space suit is the only thing perserving your life when you are in space. Without one you would become unconscious in 15 seconds, your body fluids would first boil then freeze and then all of your organs would expand! You would most likley explode in space so no, there wouldn't be a floating body.
  • Space Pen

    Space Pen
    The space pen is a zero gravity pen, so yes, you can write in space. In 2008 the actual working space travelling pen was sold at a history auction fo $23 900! Paul C. Fisher was the first one to patent it in 1965, mhmm, that date up there isn't the inventing date but the pantenting date.
  • Satellite Dish

    Satellite Dish
    The sattelite dish is the big round thing on top of houses that give people more channels on the T.V.. It was invented by a group of Russian scientests.
  • Canadarm

    Cnadarm is said to look like a slow moving star from earth. Canadarm is used to help astonauts by fixing things on the space shuttle so that they don't have to! In fact, it's in space right now thousands of feet above earth! It was made through some Canadian companies including DSMA Atcon, Spar and CAE Electronic.
  • Canadarm 2

    Canadarm 2
    Canadarm 2 is pretty much the exact same to the original canadarm except for the fact that it is a step up in quality and such. Canadarm 2 is now in space and on the ISS.
  • Space Toilet

    Space Toilet
    In 2007 the space toilet was bought by NASAfrom some Russian company. The purpose of the space toilet is for the astronauts to "go" in space, isn't that obvious? Or wait, I think that we wouldn't know that actually, being in AcCHal afterall. ;P