Cold War timeline

By ahanna
  • beginning of the Cold War

    beginning of the Cold War
    • the "big three'' (America, Britain, and Russia) were fighting over what to do with their shares of Germany
    • America and Britain gave back their land, Russia refused.
    • they fought over ideas, mostly. America and Britain's pieces of Germany had democratic governments, while Russia's had communist.
  • Period: to

    Cold War

  • Alger Hiss

    Alger Hiss
    -Wittaker Chambers accused Hiss of of lending him secret files of American Government to give to the Soviets
    -Alger HIss denied it, but resigned his position of government.
    -Chambers produced microfilms of the documents, to show to government that he did in fact have them.
    -Jury couldnt agree on a verdict, as Hiss wouldn't be charged for spying since too much time had passed.
    -Hiss was eventually found guilty, after Government provided proof of the copies with his typewriter.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    • fought between North Vietnam,(communists),and South Vietnam (non-communists), allied by America. -North Vietnamese and Southern rebels wanted to overthrow and reunite Vietnam.
    • while South Vietnam was supported by America, North Vietnam was sided with Vietcong, a guerilla force. -North won, communism overpowering Vietnam
  • Sputnik

    -The world's first artificial satellite, launched by Soviet Union
    -caught the American Government offgaurd, they found the Soviet's being able to do this as a threat.
    -America believed Russia's ability to launch Sputnik would allow them to launch ballistic missiles carrying nuclear weapons to the United States.
  • U-2 Spy Planes

    U-2 Spy Planes
    • American Spy plane was shot down over Soviet air space.
    • America denied it being their plane, untill forced to admit the plane's purpose when the Soviets produced the plane's remains and Pilot, Francis Powers. -the incident embarrassed America, as it marked deterioration with the relationship with the Soviet Union
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    • built in Germany to seperate East Berlin (communists) from West Berlin (democrats) and to stop East Berlin citizens from crossing into West Berlin illegally. -became a symbol of a world torn apart by different ideas or views. -symbolized the end of the cold war when it was torn down on November 9th, 1989.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    -Photographs on Americans spy planes caught Russian missiles being readied on Cuba.
    - Kennedy quarantined Cuba with American Naval Ships, keeping Russia from being able to transport any more missiles, and demanded Russian missiles be removed.
    - America set up missiles in Turkey, as an offense to Russia.
    - Nikita Khrushchev sent a letter to Kennedy, suggesting America remove missiles from Turkey in exchange for Russia removing their missiles from Cuba.
  • Chinese Revolution

    Chinese Revolution
    • designed to further cement socialism in China by removing capitalist elemtns from society. -Mao Zedong's theory- "continuing revolution', was all buorgeis elements be removed by revolutionary violent class struggle by mobelizing China's youth. -mao claimed the end of the war in 1969, but it officially ended at his death in 1976

    -SALT-Strategic Arms Limitations Talks
    -meeting between the Soviet Union and the United States, in attempt to limit production of nuclear weapons
    - Soviets tried to overtake America with ballistic missiles and anti-ballistic missiles
    -Salt 1- limited coutnries' defensive missile system to 2 AB missile sites with 100 missiles each, eventually changed to 1 site. US withdrew in 2002
    -Salt 2- limited long range bombers- didn't take effect until 1972. America withdrew in 1986.
  • First Man on the Moon

    First Man on the Moon
    -America launched Apollo 11 from Florida on July 16th, 1969
    - Apollo 11 was crewed by Neil Armstrong(commander), Edwin Aldrin(Lunar module pilot) and Michael Collins( Command Module Pilot)
    - Returned to Earth on July 24, 1969, with a backpack full of lunar rocks.
    - Kennedy considered it a big acheivement, as America landed the first person on the moon before the Soviet Union