Bass Reeves

  • Birth

  • Period: to

    whole life

    Bass's Whole Life
  • Early childhood

    Grew up in Lamar and Grayson counties.
  • His slave owner

    Who Bass Belonged To
  • He fought and struck his master with a garden hoe and killed him in one strike

  • Bass Became a U.S Marshal

    When he satrted his Line of duty
  • he rode over 75,000 square milles

    He rode over seventy five thousand square miles on horseback
  • Bass built a house that was a nice sturdy house

  • He shot and killed his cook.

    He killed his cook
  • How many people he arrested

    Bass arrested over three-thousand men and women.
  • How old he was when he retired

    He was sixty-nine when he retired from a U.S Marshal.
  • How many men he killed in his line of duty.

    He only killed thirteen men in his line of duty.
  • Bass's Death

    Bass Died