Alex Haley

Timeline created by rellrell5
  • Farther died

    His farther died in between 1921 and 1926
  • He was Born

    Alexander Murray Palmer Haley was born on August 11 1921 in Ithaca New York
  • Mother died

    In 1931 his mother died
  • Coast Guard

    In 1938 I Joind the Coast` Guard at the age of 17
  • College

    Alex haley went to Alcorn State University and dropped out to join the coats guard in 1939
  • Left Coast Guard

    In 1958 I left the Coast Guard at the age of 37
  • divoce

    He was divorced in his first marige to Nannie Branch in 1964
  • Married

    In the same year that he got diorced he got married too Julitte Collins
  • Autobiography on Malcolm X/ Malcolm Little

    In 1965 he did an autobiography on Malcolm X real name Malcolm Little
  • Divorced

    I divorced Juliette Collins in 1972

    roots by alex haley was spublished in 1976
  • Miniseries

    His book was made into a miniseries from Jan 23 to Jan 30 1977
  • One Milloin Copies of Roots

    His book Roots sold a million copies in a year
  • Alex Died

    Feb. 10 1992 died of a hardattck at a swedish center in seattle
  • Memorial

    Phase one of my memorial was complete in 1997
  • Phase 2

    Phase two was complete in 1999
  • Phase 3

    Phase three was complete in 2002