Scientists Related to the Theory of Plate Tectonics

By giggidy
  • Alexander Du Toit

    Alexander Du Toit
    Alexander du Toit was a geologist who traveled to south america to study certain states' geology. He later published a book about his journeys and findings. He was an early supporter of the theory of continental drift.
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  • Alfred Wegener

    Alfred Wegener
    Alfred Wegener was the first to introduce the theory of continental drift. His idea was rejected because of lack of evidence until 1950 when enough evidence was found to support his theory.
  • Arthur Holmes

    Arthur Holmes
    Arthur Holmes was a geologist. He performed the first ever uranium-lead radiometric dating (measuring the age of a rock). He later wrote the book The Age of the Earth.
  • Hugo Benioff

    Hugo Benioff
    Hugo Benioff was a seismologist. He invented the Benioff seismometer. This device was used to sense the movement of the earth.
  • Kiyoo Wadati

    Kiyoo Wadati
    Kiyoo Wadati was a seismologist. He researched subduction zone earthquakes. His name is part of the Wadati-Benioff zone.
  • Harry H. Hess

    Harry H. Hess
    Harry H. Hess was a geologist. He is best known for his work on sea floor spreading. He specifically worked on the relationships between seafloor gravity anomalies, serpentized peridotite, and island arcs.
  • Sir Edward Bullard

    Sir Edward Bullard
    Sir Edward Bullard was a geophysicist. He worked on the development of degaussing techniques. THe research was done for the protectment of shipping from magnetic mines.
  • Robert Dietz

    Robert Dietz
    Robert Dietz was a marine geologist, geophysicist and oceanographer. He discovered impact craters from meteors such as the Sudbury Basin. He also made the theory of seafloor spreading.
  • Drummond Matthews

    Drummond Matthews
    Drummond Matthews was a British marine geologist and geophysicist. He contributed to the theory of plate tectonics by helping to prove Harry Hess's theory of sea floor spreading.
  • U.S. Research ship Atlantis

    U.S. Research ship Atlantis
    The Atlantis was Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's first research vessel. The scientists who researched on this ship discovered the first abyssal plain in 1947. She is currently owned by Argentinan researchers.
  • Frederick Vine

    Frederick Vine
    Frederick Vine is a marine geologist and geophysicist. He helped to contribute to Harry Hess's theory of sea floor spreading.
  • Technology

    The technology used for ocean floor mapping is sonar waves. a magnometer is a device used to measure the strength and direction of the magnetic field. Samarium-neodymium dating is what is used to determine the ages of rocks.
  • Glomar Challenger

    Glomar Challenger
    This deep sea research and scientific drilling vessel was launched for oceanography and marine geology studies.