Ww2 anti tank weapon

World War II

  • Begining of WW2

    Begining of WW2
    Nazi invasion of Poland
  • Period: to

    the war

  • Imortant documents

    Captured documents reveal Hitler's plans for the invasion of Scandinavia and a postponement of the invasion of France and the Low Countries until the Spring, when the weather is more compatible for an invasion.
  • The crash sight

    A german air craft crashed in neutral Belgium. On boared where plans for Fall Gelb, they weere discovered by the Allies, this causes a crisis situation
  • Plan to cut the Iron Ore Trade

    Britain and France decide to intervene in Norway to cut off the iron ore trade in anticipation of an expected German occupation and ostensibly to open a route to assist Finland. The operation is scheduled to start about March 20.
  • GERMANYinvades RUSSA

    Germany invades Russia. Hitler orders "maximum cruelty" against civilians, which results in fanatic Russian resistance.
  • germany takes Smolensk

    German army group "Center" takes Smolensk, just 220 miles from Moscow
  • Bad plan by Hitler

    Hitler, eager to occupy the rich Ukraine first, orders to stop army group Center's advance to Moscow and to transfer its two tank armies to army groups "North" and "South". This is perhaps Hitler's greatest mistake. The German Generals argue in vain against it.
  • Japanese attack

    The Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor and the Phillipines, and the US joins the war.
  • D-Day

    D-Day. American, British, Canadian forces invade France at the beaches of Normandy
  • Atomic kills

    The americas dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan