Melba Patillo: Warriors Don't Cry.

By mvp0809
  • Brown v. Board of Education Of Topeka, Kansas.

    Brown v. Board of Education Of Topeka, Kansas.
    This is the day when the Supreme Court ruled the case Brown v. Board which implies that having separate schools is illegal.
  • Act of racism.

    This day Melba almost got raped by a white man on track to her house.
  • Period: to

    Melba from Jan to Dec

  • Little Rock's school board adopted a plan to limit integration.

    In this date Little Rock school had adopted a plan to limit integration to Central High School. They weren't going to allow it to actually begin.
  • It's time to knock down the fences of segregation.

    The act of Rosa Parks inspired Melba to fight for integration. Rosa Parks was an african american woman who refused to give up her seat to a white man on an Alabama bus.
  • Integration is moving on.

    The NAACP filed suit in Federal District Court to make the schools integrate immediatelhy.
  • Melba Enrrolled to enter Central High School.

    They were going to let integration happen in Central High School, also in this date Melba enrrolled to enter the school.