Algerian War of Independence

By jorg13
  • National Liberation Front (FLN) Started the War.

    National Liberation Front (FLN) Started the War.
    On November 1st the FLN started the Algerian War of Independence against the French. The FLN launched revolts against the French. Because of the revolts the French sent in extra troops to regain order.
  • FLN Targets Civilians

    FLN Targets Civilians
    The FLN now targets civilians. Fights are brought to the city. The French retalliate and kill around 12,000 Algerian Muslims.
  • 1st Try of Negotiation

    1st Try of Negotiation
    The French and the FLN try to negotiate. The French propose that the FLN will stop killing French soldiers and civilians but the French would still gain full control over Algeria. The FLN did not agree, the negotiations failed, battle continued.
  • The French Allow the Algerians to Vote

    The French Allow the Algerians to Vote
    French President Charles de Gaulle allows the Algerian people to vote. The Algerians could vote for two things, one of them was that Algeria would remain under French control and the other was that Algeria would become independent and the French would leave.
  • Algeria Becomes Independent

    Algeria Becomes Independent
    The votes are done, Algeria has become independent. The French have left and over a million Algerians with them back to France to live there. Algeria is a democratic country.