By yari13
  • Nazi invasion of Poland

    It is also known as the September Campaign or 1939 Defensive War. It was an invasion of Poland by Germany, Soviet Union, and a small Slovak contingent that market the beggining of World War II in Europe. The invasion ended on the 6th of Octuber 1939.
  • Churchill and Roosevel

    They announced the ABDA Command in the Southwest Pacific, under General Wavell, with Lieutenant General Brett as his deputy.
  • Field Marshal von Leeb

    C-in-C of Army Group North, requests permission to withdraw his forces south of Lake Ilmen behind the river Lovat, as the 2nd Corps at Demyansk is in serious danger of being cut off, and Hitler refuses.
  • The Red Army

    The Red Army cuts the main supply route for the German 2nd and 10th Corps at Demyansk near Lake Ilmen, forcing the Luftwaffe to begin flying in supplies. The Soviet South West Front launches an offensive across the river Donets, to the South of Kharkov in an attempt to cut of all German forces north of the Sea of Azov.
  • First atomic bomb dropped on Japan

    The first bomb was exhaled on August 6, 1945. Conducted by the Unided States. And the second bomb was dropped August 9 1945. Its location was in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan.