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  • the Water Pollution Control Act, authorized the Surgeon GeneralFederal Water Pollution Control Act

    the Water Pollution Control Act, authorized the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service, in cooperation with other Federal, state and local entities
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  • Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

    was central to Johnson's Great Society campaign and its War on Poverty. Implemented by the since disbanded Office of Economic Opportunity
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    The Act is an extensive statute which funds primary and secondary education, while explicitly forbidding the establishment of a national curriculum
  • Medicare

    a social insurance program administered by the United States government, providing health insurance coverage to people who are aged 65 and over
  • Medicaid, 1965

    program for people and families with low incomes and resources
  • • The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 1965

    a Cabinet department in the Executive branch of the United States federal government
  • Immigration Act of 1965

    An annual limitation of 300,000 visas was established for immigrants
  • The National Foundations of the Arts and Humanities, 1965

    domestic programs proposed or enacted in the United States on the initiative of President Lyndon B. Johnson
  • National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act

    enacted in the United States in 1966 to empower the federal government to set and administer new safety standards for motor vehicles and road traffic safety
  • Water Quality Act, 1965

    primary federal law in the United States governing water pollution
  • Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), 1964

    is an anti-poverty program