Events leading up to the Constitution by Cole Gibbs

  • Continental Army disband

    Continental Army disband
    After the signing of the Treaty of Paris 1783 the Continental Army was disbaned. This ment the US had no army or means to protect it's self. The US was highly seceptable to foreign threats.
  • Economic Problems

    Economic Problems
    Many state had multiple economic problems after the Revolutionary War. One of these was that trade laws were different between states.were different. This made interstate trade vary difficult. Much inflation also happened. The states began to print a lot of paper money that was worth almost nothing because they had no gold or silver to back it up.
  • Economic Problems (continued)

    Economic Problems (continued)
    Weak economys came with the paper money. Debtors payed with this money, but since it was worth nearly nothing the creditor weren't pleased. The stop of trade with Britain and the inflation combined droped the country into a depression.
  • Period: to

    Spanish blockade the Mississippi River

    This blockade made it hard for many farmers to transport goods south. It also closed many ports where many people traded goods. It also made it impossible to get goods to foreign markets.
  • Period: to

    British blockade blocks trade to the Britain and the West Indies

    The British blockades caused much termoil in the US markets the lack of trade stoped much needed economic growth. This would eventually drop the country into a depresion.
  • Farmers in Massachusetts revolt against taxes

    Farmers in Massachusetts revolt against taxes
    For a while in Massachusetts the goverment decided to tax the land of farmers to pay war debts. So farmers in Massachusetts took up arms and band together to close down courts to protest the taxation. They thought if the courts were closed no ones property could be taken.
  • Sheys's Rebelion

    Sheys's Rebelion
    Daniel Shays was one of the farmers that wanted to protest the taxes. He was a poor farmer and a Revolutionary veteran. Shays led 100 men to Springfield, Massachusetts to cause a forced shut down of the Supreme Court. The state goverment told them to stop the revolt under threat of capture and death. They did not stop and the threats just made them more determined. This uprising is now known as Shays Rebelion.
  • Shays's Defeat

    Shays's Defeat
    Shays forces were defeated by state troops. Almost all the rebels were imprisioned. 14 of the leaders were sentenced to death. Soon after though the goverment realeased many of the rebels including Shays.
  • Delagates called to help write the Constitution

    Delagates called to help write the Constitution
    Delagates from all 13 colonies were called to help fix the Articals of Confederation. Though in the end they ended up writing the Constitution. This was the begaining of the Constitution.
  • The date that the Constitution was signed

    The date that the Constitution was signed
    On this date the Continental Congrass signed the US Constitution to create a better form of goverment then the Articals of Confederation had previously provided. It described the three branches of goverment. These were The Legislateive Branch, The Judicial Branch, and The Executive Branch. It also layed out some of the powers of the goverment and other things about how the goverment works.