Muhammad Ali

  • Muhammad Ali is born

    Muhammad Ali is born
    Cassius Marcellus Clay is born on Jan 17, 1942
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    Muhammed Ali's life

    Muhammed Ali's Life
  • Cassius Clay's bike stolen!

    Cassius Clay's bike stolen!
    After having his bike stolen, the 12-year-old Clay promises to "whup whoever stole it."
    In an attempt to channel his aggression, the policeman he reported the crime takes him under his wing and eventually directs him to boxing trainer Fred Stoner.
  • Cassius Clay wins the Olympic gold medal

    Cassius Clay wins the Olympic gold medal
    Clay wins the light-heavyweight gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Rome with a 5–0 decision over Poland's Zbigniew Pietrzykowski. Upon returning to his native Louisville, Clay finds he's not immune to the racism that is so prevalent in the U.S. After being refused service by a waitress at a "whites-only" restaurant, and then fighting with a white gang, a disgusted Clay throws his gold medal into the Ohio River.
  • Maryline monroe found dead!

    Maryline monroe found dead!
    Marylin Monroe found dead. Nobody knows the reason why she died.
  • Muhammed Ali the heavyweight champion and changes his name.

    Muhammed Ali the heavyweight champion and changes his name.
    With an incredible 19–0 record, Muhammad Ali is a heavyweight champion after his fight with Sonny Liston. He predicts victory, and teases the champ by calling him, among other things, an "ugly, old bear." True to his word, Clay has his way with Liston through six rounds. When Liston refuses to leave his corner for the start of the seventh, the fight ends and Clay becomes heavyweight champion .
    After the fight, Clay announces he has become a Black Muslim and has changed his name to Muhammad Ali.
  • Muhammad Ali: "I ain't got no quarrel with those Vietcong."

    Muhammad Ali: "I ain't got no quarrel with those Vietcong."
    In April, Ali refuses induction into the U.S. Army due to his religious convictions. He angers many Americans after claiming, "I ain't got no quarrel with those Vietcong." He is subsequently stripped of his WBA title and his license to fight.
  • Good old Ali is back!

    Good old Ali is back!
    Due to a loophole, Ali returns to the ring in Atlanta and knocks out Jerry Quarry in three rounds.
  • Ali beaten up!

    Ali beaten up!
    In March, he fights heavyweight champ Joe Frazier in Madison Square Garden. A left hook by Frazier knocks Ali down in the 15th round.
  • Ali's revenge!

    Ali's revenge!
    In January, he gains a measure of revenge from Frazier, besting the former champ in 12 rounds.
  • Ali vs. Frazier no.3

    Ali vs. Frazier no.3
    Ali fights Frazier for the third time at the "Thrilla in Manila" in the Philippines. The two heavyweights batter and bloody each other in a ferocious battle, but Ali retains his belt when Frazier can't come out for the 15th round.
  • Ali's loss.

    With a career record of 55–2, an overconfident Ali loses his belt to 1976 Olympic champ Leon Spinks in a 15-round split decision. Spinks' reign as champ is brief, however, as Ali wins back the title.
  • Muhammad retires.

    Muhammad retires.
    Announces his retirement on June 27.
  • Ali comes out of retirement (Fail!)

    Ali comes out of retirement (Fail!)
    Comes out of retirement to fight new heavyweight champ Larry Holmes. Muhammad Ali fails.
  • Retire again.

    Retire again.
    Loses a unanimous decision to Trevor Berbick, and finally hangs up the gloves for good
  • Parkinson's disease diagnosed!

    Parkinson's disease diagnosed!
    Ali is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
  • Ali is a Legend!

    Ali is a Legend!
    Here is a video.Ali carries the Olympic torch and ignites the cauldron to signal the beginning of the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. He is also given a second gold medal, to replace the one he tossed in the river 36 years earlier.