Civil Rights Movement

  • End of World War 2

    End of World War 2
    The ending of WWII was when the Japense surrendered and the US came out with the victory.
  • Brown v Board of Education decision

    Brown v Board of Education decision
    This decision lead to the ending of segregation in public schools. In was a ground breaking event in the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Rosa Parks Incident

    Rosa Parks Incident
    Rosa parks was on a public bus in the black section. A white man got onto the bus and there were no more seats left in the white section. The bus driver asked Rosa to move and if she didn't then she would be escorted off the bus. This was the start of the bus boycott.
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    Montgomery Bus Boycott

    This bus boycott was started by Rosa Parks and no blacks rode the bus to work or wherever they were going for a year because of the way they treated Rosa Parks
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    In Topeka Kansas 9 African Americans were not allowed into a public school. They were blocked out by the government of Kansas. The president brought in the national guard to escort the students into the school so they wouldn't get hurt.
  • U-2 Incident

    U-2 Incident
    An American U-2 spy plane was flying over Soviet space area and it was shot down by the Soviets.
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    This a planned attack to overthrow Fidel Castro and make the threat of nuclear war decrease. The United States didn't want the Soviets to come close the them.
  • Sputnik Launched

    Sputnik Launched
    This was the start to the space age and the Soviets got to it first. This was the first man made object to be put into space.
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    Cuban Missle Crisis

    This crisis scared many Americans including the president. The Soviets put nuclear war heads in Cuba and President Kenndy demanded that they remove them ASAP.
  • MLK letter from Birmingham Jail

    MLK letter from Birmingham Jail
    This letter was to all the preists in the Birmingham area. He wanted to tell them the difference between his way of getting civil rights and the violent way. He wanted to show them that he is there for doing good and not to hurt.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    This is when MLK delieved his "I Have a Dream" speech to the nation. Not only African Americans there but many whites were there as well. This was the most impacting march in American history.