WOrld War 2 Timeline

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    WW2 time span

  • Vichy France begins

    The Axis Alliance took over control of the northern france in 1940. This section of France remaind under control of the third reich until the end of the war in 1945
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    Battle for Britain

    Germany would attempt to take over Britainby dropping arial bombs over the United Kingdom. The British airfocres were able to drive them out, result in a straigic victory for them
  • Japan joins Axis

    After Nazi Germany assisted Japan in being protected from the Soviet Union, Japan decided to Join the Axis for both personal gain in China, and to assist the Axis as a graditude favor
  • Hitler breaks NoAggression agreement and invades the Soviet Union

    The Soviet Union and Germany signed a non agression act, agreeing not to attack one another for 10 years. Hiler however saw the SU to be to eak to keep as an ally and attacked and invaded the Soviet Union in June of 1941
  • FDR approves “shoot on sight”

    Before entering the war, USA had a number of naval ships be attacked by the German U-boats. FDR decided to assure the USA saftey, he allowed al USA navys to shoot what could be "enemy ships".
  • Pearl Harbor attacked

    Japanese Imperial Army attacked the USA military base at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Japans reason was to keep the USA out of the Pacific Theatre, but this just dragged the USA into fighing in WW2, with them joning the Alliance with Britain and France.
  • Germany and Italy declare war on US

    After the Japanese attacked Peral Harbor, The Usa would enter WW2 . Germany and Italy being allies with Japan would declare war agaisnt USA.
  • US forced to leave Philippines

    In the begining of the war, the impreial navy had a stronger navy than the USA at the time, and were able to drive out their navy bases in 1942
  • Bataan death march

    AFter USA and Filipino soidlers lost in the Battle of Battan, they were taken prisoner and forced to march 60 miles to their POW camps. Most of the soilders died from the heat, and if you tripped and fell, you got shot at. The USA would consider this to be a war crime on Japans part.
  • Battle of Coral Sea

    A reapeat of bunker Hill. The USA stragically won the battle since they obtained to get The Imperial navy to evacuate, but Japan won a tactical victory by killing more people than the USA did.
  • Battle of Midway

    Japanese Imperial forces would fight agaisnt the USa for military territory on Midway Atoll. The USA would require victory and their military base at Midway.
  • Period: to


    In The Pacific Theatre of WW2, the Allied forces defended the island of Guadalcanal. The Allied forces went agaisnt the japanese imperial forces, wasily wining the island by surrounding japanese forces in the middle of the island
  • General Eisenhower and his forces land in North Africa

    The begining of the African cmapaign, Wisenhower originally wished to have the campaign be over with. However the cmapaign lasted for many months, before Allied forces won.
  • End of Battle of Stalingrad

    The batle was fought betweent he Axis Alliance and the Soviet Union, who had cut all tied to the Axis Alliance for ignoring the no pact agreement. The Soviet would win the city of Stalingard.
  • D-Day

    Allied military lands in Normandy beaches, France. ABle to drive out Axis forces, the Allied forces were able to station allied forces in France.
  • Rome falls

    After fighting for Italy's capitol, The Allied forces finally got the Axis to back off, wininning vicotry in Italy
  • MacArthur returns to Philippines

    After being forced to leave the Philipines, MacArthur vowed to one day to come back. He did come back, and this time got the Imperila navy to retreat from the island
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Bulge

    Germany attempted to regain Alesacc France. However with Britiah and USA leader ship of Patton, Eisnhower, and General Montogomery, the Allied forces would win agaisnt the Axis. This would be the Allies turning point of winning the war.
  • US flag raised on Mt. Suribachi

    AT the Battle of Iwo Jima, the USA were able to mange a heroic vicotry, by not giving up the battle. The USA flag was raised by 6 american soilders, four of whom died that same day. The picture of the truemndus ocation won the Piltzer Prize in phtography.
  • Truman becomes president

    AFter FDR died in Office, Harry Trueman took office since he was FDR's vice president. During the Campaign of 1945, He would be a black horese and win agaisnt Dewey.
  • Hitler commits suicide

    During the last yera of the war, the Axis were losing badly to the increasing number of the Alliance. Alliance military forces were reaching Berlin. Hilter haring of the torcure Moussilinni went through, he and his wife Eva Braun took their own lives in their private bunker.
  • V-E Day

    Afew week after Hilters Suicde, The Axis unconditionall surrendered to the Alliance. This would end Hitlers Third Reich.
  • Hiroshima

    AT around 8 am, Th eUnited states dropped the "Little Boy" atomic bomb over Hiroshimo Japan.
  • Nagasaki is destroyed by an atomic bomb

    The USA droppedthe Automic bomb "Fat Man" on the city of Nagasaki Japan at around 11:00am. Many japanese citizens did, and most were severly burned during the bombing
  • V- J Day

    After the nucleur bombing on Hiroshima, and losing grealt in there navy, The USa surrendered the war on August 14. they would officaly would formally surrender on September 2nd
  • Formal surrender of Japan

    After the nucleur bombing on Hiroshima, and losing grealt in there navy, The USa surrendered the war on August 14. they would officaly would formally surrender on September 2nd
  • Japanese ambassadors arrive in Washington, DC to discuss Pacific island violations

    At the conffence in DC, Both Japan and the USA agrre to not g to war anymore, and allow the Allied forces to staion themselves on Japanese islands as a precaution.