Frankenstein Timeline 2

  • Its Alive!!!

    The monster comes to life and its creator is instantly repulsed and runs from the room.
  • Learning

    The monsters develops like a child although very quickly. His learning starts when he hears music.
  • Emotinal Growing

    The monster learns of the family's love even though they are in poverty.
  • The Monsters Trek

    The creation in winter continues his education by reading books of great literature. He is outcast from the family and burns their home down. After the burning he makes a trek to Geneva
  • Saving a Life at the risk of you own.

    The monster saves a girl from drowning and is shot.
  • Murderer

    After arriving in Geneva the monster kills Victors brother William.
  • Framing

    The creation finds Justine sleeping in a barn and frames her for murder.
  • Ultimatum

    The creature finds Victor in the mountains where they both were traveling through.