The Telephone

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    advancements of the telephone

    The first telephone was created by Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell in the late 1800's and over the years techonoly has became more advanced every year from the first wall phone to the Iphone 4 there have been many achivments in the technology of the telephone.
  • the telephone is invented

    <a href='http://' ></a The very first telephone was created by Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham in 1874. Both men ran to get their new idea patented however Graham got their first and was creadited with the invension of the first telephone. The telephone was invented and now people could communicate faster and easier then written letters.
  • first call

    first call
    Bell transmits speech "Mr. Watson, come here! I want to see you!" using a liquid transmitter as described in Gray's caveat, and an electromagnetic receiver.
  • long distance call

    long distance call
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    Alexander Graham Bell makes the world's first long distance telephone call, about 6 miles between Brantford and Paris, Ontario, Canada. This helped people becuase now you were sable to calll friends and family that were far away.
  • North American telephone exchange

    North American telephone exchange
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    First North American telephone exchange is opened in New Haven, Connecticut using the switch board created by Tivadar Puskas
  • Carbon Transmitter

    Carbon Transmitter
    Description: Francis Blake invents a carbon transmitter similar to Edison's that saves the Bell company from extinction.
  • Circuit Charger

    Circuit Charger
    Gilliland's Automatic creats the circuit changer between Worcester and Leicester that featured the first operator dialing which allows one operator to run two exchanges.
  • wall phones

    wall phones
    the first “short” wall telephone model with the batteries outside the phone was created in 1894. this helped society becuase now everyone could have a simpilar telephone that was attached to a wall inside of their homes.
  • rotary dial telephones

    rotary dial telephones
    The first rotary dial telephones in the Bell System was in Norfolk, Virginia. Telephones lacked dials and touch-tone pads were no longer made by the Bell System after 1978. This helped adnvace the telephone because this was one of the first phones people could call for the themselves much easier then before
  • 303- 754- 6639 The Numbering Plan

    303- 754- 6639 The Numbering Plan
    <a href='http://' With the rapidly growing number of telephone customers, AT&T and Bell Labs develop the North American Numbering Plan, it assigned telephone numbers to customers in the United States and its territories as well as Canada and some in the Carribean. This helped organize telephones so it was easier to call friends and family, since everyone had there own number.
  • AT&T first rigner and handset combo

    AT&T first rigner and handset combo
    AT&T introduces the Model 500 telephone, the first that combines a ringer and handset. It's very similar to the classic black rotary phone, but now there was an adjustable volume and later a variety of colors. With this advancement opened the door for new technology that would becomes a cultural icon.
  • The TAT-1

    The TAT-1
    <a href='http://' The first transatlantic telephone cable (the TAT-1) is created used from Scotland to Nova Scotia, this provided telephone service between North America and the United Kingdom. Which helped connect countries together which would help trade and alliances becuase now whole contenents could communicate in minutes rather than months
  • Telstar 1

    Telstar 1</a>
    Communications satellite Telstar 1 is launched by a NASA Delta rocket on July 10, this was able to transmite the first live transatlantic telecast as well as telephone and data signals. The launching of this satellite improved communication beyond our word and allowed improvement in space to grow and devlepope becuase they were able to get the first satellite invented and now we can improve from there
  • 911

    <a href='http://' On February 16 the first 911 call is made in Haleyville, Alabama. Legislation decided that there should be a single nation wide phone number for citizens to use to report fires and medical emergencies, it was passed by Congress before in 1967
  • Caller ID

    Caller ID
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    Theodore George “Ted” Paraskevakos was working in Athens, Greece as a communications engineer for SITA,[1] which he created a system that when you recived a call you could tell who the call the was from before answering. This helped society becasue no you would be more prone to prank callers and could avoid unwanted family members, ex- boyfriends, crazy friends ect.
  • modular telephones

    modular telephone cords and jacks introduced .
  • First portable cell phone call

    First portable cell phone call
    The first portable cell phone call is made by Martin Cooper to his research rival at Bell Labs, Joel Engel. Although mobile phones had been used in cars since the 1940's this was the first phone you could actually carry, he recived patent for his invension in 1975.
    This helped society greatly because now people could contact others on the go, you could call from your office, on the street, in the store, where ever; you were no longer restricted to your home and your car.
  • U.S military uses fiber optic

    U.S military uses fiber optic
    href='http://' >military</a>The U.S. military begins using fiber optics to improve communication systems when the navy installed a fiber-optic telephone link on the USS Little Rock. They were able to transmit data digitally and less likly to get interference. This improved the country becasue now the military can recive data faster and they became more efficent in order to react to problems faster.
  • touch screens

    touch screens
    IBM Simon, launched the very first touch screen cell phone that made society more advanced and able to find things fast.
  • Bluetooth

    It was originally a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables. It can connect several devices, overcoming problems of synchronization, however now it has become a way to communicate hads freen so you can multitask while talking on the phone
  • kids go moble

    kids go moble
    Heather Ward from Littleton Colorado recived her first cell phone in the 6th grade in 2006
  • Iphone

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    The Iphone is created which evovlevs technolgoy into the futuor combining the touch screen phone, with a coumputor, any music you want, and a camera, to creat the ultimate super phone which will allow socitey to practically everything they need and the tips of their fingers