Frankenstein/Creature TimeLine

  • Victor is born and raised in Geneva

    Victor is born and that is important to the story. Also , he becomes interested in science which influenced his experiments.
  • Victor attends the University of Ingolstadt

    He becomes intrigued by the idea of bringing something back to life. He creates the creature in Ingolstadt.
  • Victor creates the monster in Inglolstadt.

    Victor leaves the monster and this causes him to become enraged. The monster becomes violent because of this.
  • The Monster lives outside the house of a group of peasants.

    Learns to read , see's his reflection, and helps the family out. Goes off to find Victor.
  • Victor returns to Geneva

    Willam was murdered by the creature. Justine was found guilty of the murder and this drives Victor to find the monster.
  • The Creature goes to Geneva.

    He kills William Frankenstein and frames Justine. This causes Victor to come back home.
  • Victor goes off to the mountains.

    He meets up with the monster. The monster and Victor finally speak.
  • The Creature goes off to live in the mountains.

    This is where he meets up with Victor. The montser and Victor talk
  • Victor and the Creature go into the Cave to speak.

    The creature asks Victor to make him a mate. Victor decides to make a female monster.