Alabama Football Championships

  • The start of Alabama Football

    The start of Alabama Football
    Alabama's first football game was on a Friday afternoon in Birmingham , at Lakeview Park and where coached by E.B. Beaumont. Winning 56–0 against a team composed of players from local Birmingham-area high schools.
  • First Rose Bowl

    First Rose Bowl
    Alabama played in Washington at the Rose Bowl. Alabama defeated the Huskies 20–19 and gained there first National Championship.
  • National Championships 1926

    National Championships 1926
    The second National Championship, also coached by Wallace Wade, was a tie, Indians 7–7, finishing the season 9–0–1. Billingsley and the Helms Athletic Foundatio
  • Another Tie

    Another Tie
    Alabama then played Washington State for the rose bowl, and tied with Notre Dame and became national champions in the Davis poll, under coach Wade. wikipedia
  • Frank Thomas' Championship

    Frank Thomas' Championship
    This was 1934's National Championship coached by Frank Thomas. Alabama would again play Stanford in the Rose Bowl but Bama would come out ahead this time 29-13. yahooAlabama
  • Texas A&M

    Texas A&M
    In 1941 the Tide actually lost twice coached under Frank Thomas, loosing to Mississippi State and Vanderbilt. They then went to the Cotton Bowl to face Texas A&M and defeated them 29 - 21. Even though the Crimson Tide were ranked 20th in the AP Poll, the were still selected to be the 1941 National Champions by the Houlgate Poll. yahooAlabama
  • Sugar Bowl

    Sugar Bowl
    It took nearly 20 years for Alabama to become National Champions again under the most famous coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, which led them to victory in 1961. Undefeated, Alabama then went on to play an Arkansas team, beating them 10 - 3. Alabama was ranked number one in the AP poll and the coaches' poll.
  • Orange Bowl

    Orange Bowl
    Alabama, coached under Bear Bryant was invited to play Nebraska in the 1966 Orange Bowl, defeating the Cornhuskers 39–28. So in 1965 Alabama’s football team was selected to be the national champions by the AP Poll. wikipedia
  • Sugar Bowl

    Sugar Bowl
    Again under Coach Bear Bryant Alabama was undefeated and was invited to play Notre Dame in the 1973 Sugar Bowl, which they lost 24–23. Even though Alabama lost they were still selected to be 1973’s national champions in the final Coaches' Poll prior to the bowl games. wikipedia
  • Sugar Bowl

    Sugar Bowl
    Another undefeated season under bear Bryant as Alabama defeated the Razorbacks 24–9, to finish the season 12–0–0. The 1979 Alabama football team was selected national champions by the AP and Coaches' Polls. wikipedia
  • Sugar Bowl

    Sugar Bowl
    Gene Stalling coached Alabama, which was invited to play Miami, who was led by Heisman trophy winner Gino Torretta, in 1993 Sugar Bowl, defeting them 34-13. So they selected the 1992 Alabama football team national champions by the AP and Coaches' Polls. wikipedia
  • Rose Bowl

    Rose Bowl
    Nick Saban coached Alabama finished with a 12–0 regular season in 2009. Alabama then traveled to Pasadena to face Texas in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl. This was a special game because they had Alabama's Heisman winning running back Mark Ingram who contributed in a 37–21 win. The 2009 Alabama football team, the first FBS division team to defeat six teams ranke wikipedia