MatthewPedersen Echols8th

  • Kristallnacht

    Also referred to as the "Night of Broken Glass". German Stormtroopers went down streets smashing the windows of jewish homes and businesses. 91 people were killed and almost 30,000 jewish men taken to concentration camps.
  • Wannsee Conference

    A conference held between senior officials of the Nazi Regime in the Berlin Suburb of Wannsee. The purpose of the conference was to inform administrative leaders of concentration camps of the "Final Solution", the Nazi plan to eliminate all jews.
  • Beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad

    A major battle during WW2 between Nazi Germany and Soviet forces. The battle was fought for control of the soviet city Stalingrad, which is now named Volgograd.
  • Casablanca Conference

    The meeting between european and american leaders to discuss the war plans for the Allies. Present there were FDR and Winston Churchill
  • Italy declares war on Germany

    Italy declares war on it's former Axis power Germany after Mussolini is deposed. Germany still offers up considerable defense due to the fact that Hitler had been planning to invade Italy after Mussolini's power began to falter.
  • Anzio Invasion

    Code named Operation Shingle. It was a large amphibious assault of Italy carried out by Allied forces.
  • Operation Overlord

    Code name for the Battle of Normandy, more commonly known as D-day. Allied forces went through the english channel to attack the Nazi controlled French beach head. It was a decisive Allied victory.
  • Liberation of Paris

    The day the German forces in France surrendered to Allied Forces. They surrendered shortly after the last battle of the Normandy Campaign.
  • Yalta Conference

    A meeting between Allied leaders. It's purpose was discussing Europe's post war reconstruction.
  • V-E Day

    Otherwise known as Victory day. It marks the formal celebration of the Allies victory in WW2 over the Axis powers.
  • The beginning of the Nuremberg Trials

    The military tribunal prosecuting Nazi leadership after the war. The first and best known of the trials was the Trial of the Major War Criminals.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    The major German offensive launched through a densely forested area in Belgium, France, and Luxemburg on the western front. After suffering heavy casualties the Germans retreated back tot heir defense lines, sealing the Allied victory.