Cartoon boy

Jack Varela's Life

By aberela
  • Jack is Born!!

    Jack is Born!!
    Jack was born August 9,2000 at the time of 8.:42 A.M. He was very stubborn to take his shots. But Alise Varela said it was well worth it. He was born at a children hospital. He weighed 9 pounds. When he was born he had no allergies. Ever body thought it was a girl but it was a boy!!!!!
  • Period: to

    My Life

    How Diffucult my life has been
  • Boo Boo Bunny

    Boo Boo Bunny
    At the first Halloween for Jack and the 2nd one for his oldest Adam. Jack was dressed up as a ghost while my brother was dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine. I got candy but my brother ate it.
  • Christmas

    At Jack 's first Christmas he got Thomas toys and Elmo toys because Jack and Adam loved Thomas and Elmo so Santa got them toys. Jack was probally more exicited then Adam because this was their first Christmas
  • It is a New Year

    It is a New Year
    Jack finally gets to scream to the top of his lungs on January 1 2001. He then fell asleep. While noticing it was the New Year and his birthday is coming up
  • I am one

     I am one
    Happy Birthday!!! Jack is finally 1 and he is ready to go through some happy times as a one year old. Also some painful times physicly and mentally
  • I Finally can say I am 2

    I Finally can say I am 2
    Jack finally has a second birthday. But he does not have a birthday party because we all are upset because our Fathers side grandma died.
  • Twee

    I am a little baby that is twee and I am having my second party. This is going to be great
  • Tragedy happends

    Jack goes outside on a nice day on his trycicle and goes down his driveway but the bump on the end of the hill flipped him over and he got a lot of boo boo's. He said it hurt tremandlisly
  • School

    Yeah Jack has another Birthday but now he must get school over with with his first ears of school
  • Here it comes

    Jack finally has his first day of school which might be a terror or a fun time. He might some friends or some foes
  • Here comes the real deal

    Jack is five and he finally gets a little older and he starts to take test and do real work. He also has to learn how to read. And do math. And science. And History
  • Kindergarten

    Jack goes into the world of school. Well this time we are talking about real school. He has to do more challenging stuff like addition and subtraction also script writing. This is Kindergarten.
  • Woops

    Jack plays as a wise men in Kindergartenand by mistake he flips over baby Jesus because his robe was really long. Every one was laughing even Jack himself. I myself now even laugh about it.
  • I am Finished

    Jack finishes his first year of school. Thankfully it is summer. And you know what that means. Birthday Party. Time ro shake it up while Jack becomes 6
  • I am Becoming muscular

    Another birthday Party, While Jack becomes 6 years old. Now he is becoming older and now he is going to have 4 more years. Until he is double digits. Oh yeah
  • S S S S 7

    Happy Birthday to me. I'm 7 and I have a couple more years to go. I know this is getting annoying but I still have to do it. I am 7. And I am lifting weights. No I am not but soon I will. I promise you oon I will
  • 8 Skate

    I am 8 and I got a skateboard but a very small one like a Tech Deck. They are so fun to play with. No really they are . They are good to do tricks with. But more fun to play with. I now have alot more. Yes 2 moe years and then the big opening
  • 1 More

    I can not believe it Ine more year till double digits. I can almost able to use 2 keys to write10. Which is how old I am going to be ha ha. This is it. Oh yeah Nba 2k9 comes out. Yeah
  • Double digits

    Yeah! I am 10 oh yeah woo woo pump it up wooh. I am ten know doubt about. It is true. I am crying. No I am not but I am ten and I am done here so have a nice beautiful day. Bye nice seeing you