Top 10 Media Inventions

  • Jan 1, 1436

    The Printing Press

    The Printing Press
    Although there is some dispute to when this was officially created, the closest resemblance to what we have today was created by Johannes Gutenberg in 1436. Gutenberg used replaceable/removable wooden or metal letters brought down the price of printed materials. I believe this invention changed the world in the sense that news could rapidly be spread on paper rather than just word of mouth and as one of the first examples of media I believe it belongs in my timeline.
  • The Telephone

    The Telephone
    The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, this form of communication was a huge step in the advancement of technology. With the invention of the telephone came the ability to contact another person without having to travel long distances, this changed the world for that reason and is even still a critical invention and that is the reason it belongs in my timeline.
  • The Computer

    The Computer
    The computer was invented by Konrad Zuse in 1935-1938, though it is a primitive version compared to what we have now, this invention was truly remarkable in his own time. The computer was the first way to digitally store data that was easily accessible and this is how it changed the world, eventually developing into the high-tech machines we use today, because this invention simplified the way things work I believe it belongs in my timeline.
  • The Radio

    The Radio
    Rather than one person having invented the radio there have been numerous contributions over a period of almost 200 years. The radio’s we use today (AM and FM) are the ones I am referring to, in 1957 Sony launched the TR-63 which was a portable battery powered radio. The radio changed the world in the sense that it made it possible for a persons voice to be broadcasted across great distances and it is for that reason I believe it belongs in my timeline.
  • Television

    There is much dispute over the true inventor or television, some credit the invention to Philo T. Farmsworth in 1972 who created something similar to what we use today, others credit the invention to Paul Nipkow for his 1884 invention called the scanning disc. The television changed the world because events in areas from all over the world could be broadcasted and seen In the homes of millions of people, for its ability to rapidly spread news throughout the world I believe it belongs in my timel
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone
    The Cell phone was invented by Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973. This version was quite large and bulky, had a low battery life and was more of an eye sore compared to the small, long lasting sleek phones we have now. The cell phone changed the world because this was the first time any person could contact one an other from almost any location, for its ability to allow us to make contact from virtually any location I believe it belong in my timeline.
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    The internet was invented by Vinton Cerf in 1973, the internet was created to connect computers in close proximity to one another making file sharing easy. It rapidly grew into what most of the population uses on a daily basis. I believe the internet changed the world in the sense that it made things much easier and that is why it belongs in my timeline.
  • The Laptop Computer

    The Laptop Computer
    Like the computer there is much dispute over the true inventor, but the first design for the laptops most commonly used today was invented by William Moggridge in 1979, primarily used by NASA. The Laptop was an invention that changed the world in the sense that the internet would become portable and digital information from work could be taken home to continue and vice versa, these days laptops are used by students and employee/employers alike, for its innovative portability I believe it belongs
  • The IPod

    The IPod
    The IPod was created by Tony Fadell in 2001, the iPod was traditionally designed as a MP3 player, but it was different to traditional MP3 players because it had a built in battery which you were able to charge rather than ones you had to provide AAA or AA batteries for and change regularly. The iPod quickly evolved and now ranges from being able to hold videos to accessibility to the Internet, I believe the iPod changed the world in the sense that it is now widely use as a communication device a
  • Facebook

    Face book was invented by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, face book was a radical new way to share information with your friends from hundreds of miles away, face book changed the world in the sense that any information your friends had on themselves was available for easy access, as well, there is wide opportunity to meet new friends, with its ability to make social networking easily available I believe it belongs in my timeline.