Frankenstein #2

By huchgu
  • R.Walton writes first letter for his sister 1789

    In Walton's letter he talk about his feeling and his dream "go to North Ploe." He is so happy but he also feel lonely.
  • Second letter writed 1799 March

    As many day go on Walton feel lonely as much as he can. No one on she ship understand his feeling until he find someone
  • IS that a human? 1799 July

    Someone on Walton's hip saw a big human like thing traveling ues dog sled to NORTH !!!!!!
  • Come here need help!! 1799 August

    Victor had been found and he was so weak can't even talk, after few day Walton start to understand this man, and Voctor start his story. Walton write down on paper and tell his sister.
  • Victor Frankenstein bron

    Here Victor had bron in Genevese, a most distinguished family of that republic.
  • when Victor meet a little girl name Elizabeth

    Here is when Victor's mother bring in a little girl name Elizabeth, there these two children live together.
  • Victor get a little brother name Ernest.

    Now Victor's parents stop traveling easy to see Victor' parents need to take care little Ernest.
  • VIctor start to interesting at science

    A terrible storm came up. As Victor watched from my window, Victor saw lightning hit an oak tree. When the storm was over, Victor went out and liiked at what was left of the tree. Victor throught that he would just find a bruned tree. but the tree had been truned into small pieces of wood by the lightning.
  • Little brother William are born

    William the smallest child in Victor home, and Victor father love this kid, William was smart and lovely.
  • School time for Victor

    Now VIctor decide to go to university in Germany. He was so sad while he was leaving Elizabeth. Even more sad Victor's mother die by fever cause.
  • New school New start

    In the new school VIctor meet many teacher and Dr. Waldman they share their same ideas.
  • Family care about Victor and the MONSTER!!!

    Victor fathe rwrite a letter to VIctor asking for why he did not write any letter to home. Victor was too force in science. also that night Victor's science become true the monster life a undead "human".
  • Love from Elizabeth

    Elizabeth writes a letter (Read by Victor late March or early April) talking about her worries about his health, of William, Justine and other minor events.
  • deal between Victor and Monster

    The monster continues his education upon finding great works of literature. Sometime after finding Victor's journals he is outcast by the De Laceys. After burning down their cottage, he starts his trek to Geneva. There he killed William.
  • Other kill

    Victor finishes and then destroys the female creation. The Creation is enraged, and vows to get revenge. so the monster killed Clerval
  • Merry or not and ........

    Elizabeth writes a letter to Victor with an offer to postpone or call off their engagement. Victor decides to marry her, if only to bring his death forward. Victor and Elizabeth wed and travel to Evian for their honeymoon. The monster kills Elizabeth and escapes before Victor can kill him.
  • REVENGE of the creation

    Victor and Elizabeth wed and travel to Evian for their honeymoon. The Creation kills Elizabeth and escapes before Victor can kill him.
  • Period: to

    You must DIE

    Victor, having being released from the asylum, decides to chase after the Creation. Victor even chase the Creation across Europe.
  • Dying Victor and the creation

    After Victor tell Walton his story he dead, The creation show in front of R. Walton now he belive anything thing Victor said. After the creation and Victor's body bruned. Walton return to home and forget hie science dream.