Fivepool Events

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  • Rhodes Myles Born

    Born to a financially deficient family in Fivepool, Rhodes Myles is unexceptional at birth. Other than showing exceptional ability at dealing with machines and things of a mechanic nature, he grows up in an otherwise unexciting environment.
  • Jason Wood Born

    Jason Wood born in Banston, to a nurse and an engineer. His father was already diagnosed with early onset Huntington's Disease when he was born, and became hospitalized soon after.
  • Remedios Aguilar Born

    Remedios Aguilar was born in a remote village in Venezuela. On the day of her birth, 240 people died miles away in Caracar due to an earthquake. The mother keeps her in the dark for an entire day before announcing her birth to the rest of the village.
  • Sean Flarety Born

    Sean exhibited invulnerability at birth, and became a local headline in the wealthy suburb of Southwater Park. His family immediately invested in his future, and his files were one of the first to be added to the Order's roster upon their founding.
  • Ashley Fiollot Born

  • Brian Westerfeld Born

    Brian Westerfeld born in Fivepool to the CEO of the Fivepool Financial Investment Bank. Due to bad publicity over a government grant, his birth was downplayed by the family as to not bring anymore attention to their recently disgraced name. His powers manifested a week later when he bent every spoon his nanny offered him.
  • Ilya Mordovich Born

  • Liam Myles Born

  • Period: to

    Fivepool Civil War

  • Rhodes Myles Dies

    One of the most publicized deaths in Fivepool's Civil War. The city used his death to drive out the Order of the Defenders and started a massive sweep for supers of all kinds in the city. The official files on this death is still classified by the Order. The victim's only son is reported missing and presumed dead.
  • Road Miles Arrives in Fivepool

    Liam Myles takes on the pseudonym Road Miles and returns to Fivepool on the anniversary of his father's death. He is quickly picked up by the local crime syndicate and is introduced to Brian Westerfeld.