Series of Events

  • Sinking of Titanic

    Sinking of Titanic
    In 1912 Titanic and many passengers sunk. A lot of the people didn't survive due to the lack of smaller, rescue boats.
  • Versailles Treaty

  • Discovery of Penicillin

    Discovery of Penicillin
  • First Broadcast TV in Australia

  • First Animal In Space

    Fruit Flies in space!
  • Nato Pact

  • Anzus Treaty

  • Warsaw Pact

  • First Man In Space

    Yuri Gagarin went to space.
  • John F. Kennedy Assassination

  • Martin Luther King Jr Assassination

  • First Man In On The Moon

    Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.
  • Start of Microsoft Corporation

  • First Test Tube Baby

  • First Mobile Phone

  • Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

  • Cheronbyl Disaster

  • Columbine Massacre

  • Firt iPod

  • Jonestone Massacre