Jane austen

The Life of Jane Austen

  • Jane Austen's Birth

    Jane Austen's Birth
    Jane Austen InformationToday is the day that one of the English language's greatest authors was born in Steventon. Her father, George Austen was a clergyman who had seven children. Jane was the second daughter, but the seventh child. She always remained extremely close to her older sister, Cassandra.
  • Boarding school

    Boarding school
    Jane Austen Information This year Jane and Cassandra leave home in pursuit of formal education for a boarding school in Oxford. However, the school is moved to Southampton where Typhoid fever infects many children. So, the girsl go back home.
  • Formal Education

    Formal Education
    Jane Austen Information Now, Cassandra and Jane go to the Abbey School in Reading to complete their education. They complete their education by the year 1786, and go back to the Steventon Rectory.
  • Begins her writing career

    Begins her writing career
    Jane Austen Information According to my source (above) this is the year that she apparently began her many writings (uncompleted novella) collectively known today as <i>Juvenilia</i>.
  • Jane decides to become a "career woman"

    Jane decides to become a "career woman"
    Jane Austen Information This is the year that Jane Austen suposedly determined to make writing her profession. She began her novel <i>Love and Friendship</i> and dedicated it to her cousin Eliza.
  • Elinor and Marianne

    Elinor and Marianne
    Jane Austen Information Before the year 1796, Jane read her novel <i>Elinor and Marianne</i> to her family. This novel is modernly known as <i> Sense and Sensibility</i>
  • Tom Lefroy

    Tom Lefroy
    Jane Austen Information Tom Lefroy and Jane Austen met this December. Apparently, Jane Austen quickly fell in love with the aspiring lawyer.
  • Jane's Heartbreak

    Jane's Heartbreak
    Jane Austen Information Unfortunately, Tom Lefroy and Jane Austen were not able to be married because of lack of money. Jane was never to see Tom again.
  • First Impressions

    First Impressions
    Jane Austen Information Jane begins the first draft of her novel <i>First Impressions</i>. More famously known as <i>Pride and Prejudice</i>.
  • First publishing attempt

    First publishing attempt
    Jane Austen Information Her father makes the first attempt to have one of Jane's works published. His request was denied by Thomas Cadell in London.
  • Northanger Abbey

    Northanger Abbey
    Jane Austen Information Jane begins working on her novel <i>Northanger Abbey</i>. She also completes her early revisions to <i>Elinor and Marianne</i>.
  • Family move to Bath

    Family move to Bath
    Jane Austen Information George Austen (her father) unexpectedly retires from the ministry and moves his entire family to Bath.
  • Marriage proposal

    Marriage proposal
    Jane Austen Information Jane Austen was only ever oficially offered one marriage proposal. Harris Bigg-Wither propses to Jane, and she accepted his proposal. However, the next day she retracts her promise because she is determined to never marry without true love.
  • George Austen Dies

    George Austen Dies
    Jane Austen Information Jane's father suddenly dies and the Austen girls are forced to rent living quarters.
  • Austen Women on the move. . .

    Austen Women on the move. . .
    Jane Austen Information Because of George Austen's death, the women have no way to earn money of their own. Therefore after many different moves, the Austen women decide to live in Southampton with Jane's brother, Frank, until he offers them a cottage in Chawton as a permanent home.
  • A permanent home

    A permanent home
    Jane Austen Information The Austen Women (Mother, Jane, and Cassandra) move to a cottage in Chawton as their permanent home.
  • Sense and Sensibility Published

    Sense and Sensibility Published
    Jane Austen Information Jane decides to work on <i>Sense and Sensibility</i> again in 1809 nad it is accepted for publishing by Thomas Egerton the next year.It is finally published with Henry Austen as agent. It was greeted with favorable reviews.
  • Mansfield Park

    Mansfield Park
    Jane Austen Information Jane begins work on <i>Mansfield Park</i>. She also makes many revisions to <i>First Impressions</i>.
  • Pride and Prejudice Published

    Pride and Prejudice Published
    Jane Austen Information The copyright to <i>First Impressions</i> was accpeted for publishing in 1812 for 100 pounds. Thomas Egerton published it the next year, with Henry Austen as the agent. It was an instant success.
  • Second Editions

    Second Editions
    Jane Austen Information Both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility sell out of their First Editions. Second Editions are printed immediately.
  • Mansfield Park Published

    Mansfield Park Published
    Jane Austen InformationThomas Egerton agrees to publish Mansfield Park. Although reviews were not too grand, the first edition sold out in a mere 6 months. By Ocober all copies were sold - making it the most profitable novel she has published thus far!
  • Persuasion

    Jane Austen InformationJane begins her work on <i>Persuasion</i>,
  • Emma Published

    Emma Published
    Jane Austen Information After finishing the novel on March 29, 1815, Jane has her novel published by John Murray. She unwillingly dedicates her novel to Prince Regent (she privately disliked his moral character).
  • Second Editions

    Second Editions
    Jane Austen InformationJohn Murray publishes a second edition of <i> Mansfield Par</i>. Unfortunately, sales do not meet expectations and all of her funds from Emma are negated.
  • Persuasion and Jane's illness

    Persuasion and Jane's illness
    Jane Austen Information Jane is taken to Cheltenham by her sister Cassandra for medical attention. Jane still persists on contuing her writing. She was working on a novel called <i>The Elliots</i> at the time. Eventually this novel came to be known as <i>Persuasion</i>. She was able to finish this novel on Tuesday, August 6, 1816.
  • Jane Austen's last day

    Jane Austen's last day
    Jane Austen Information By this time, Jane had already penned a short will, and had been confined to her bed by April that same year. Despite the medical attention sought ought by Cassandra, Jane Austen is unable to finish her many drafts of novels, and dies at the young age of 41 in Winchester.
  • Northanger Abbey and Persuasion Published

    Northanger Abbey and Persuasion Published
    Jane Austen Information John Murray agrees to publish <i>Northanger Abbey</i> and <i>Persuasion</i> as a set. However, sales are poor and he destroys all remaining, unsold copies by 1820.
  • New Beginnings

    New Beginnings
    Jane Austen Information In December of 1832, A man named Richard Bentley purchases that remaining copyrights to Jane's works. After 12 years of problems, he publishes all of her works in an illustrated set known as <i>The Standard Novels</i>. Her novels would never go out of print again.
  • Jane Austen forever remembered

    Jane Austen forever remembered
    Jane Austen Information As a way to commemorate Jane forever, her nephew - James Austen - publishes a memoir entitled <i> A Memoir of the Life of Jane Austen</i>. This brings Jane's life and her works to a greater audience: thus cementing her place in the history of English literature.