Cell Theory Timeline

  • Jansen

    He invented the world's first compound micriscope.
  • Period: to

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  • Hooke

    He discovered cells.
  • Redi

    He researched cell generation.
  • Leeuwenhoek

    Discovered cells in a pond of water.
  • Trembley

    Observed cell division.
  • Wolff

    Came up with a generalized cell theory.
  • Turpin

    Observed cell division.
  • Raspail

    founded the cell theory
  • Brown

    Discovered cell nucleus.
  • Meyen

    Found cells in different species.
  • Dutrochet

    Discovered cells in plants.
  • Schwann

    Discovered cells in plants.
  • Schleiden

    Created the cell theory with Schwann.
  • Mohl

    Discovered protoplasm.
  • Pasteur

    Studied fermentation.
  • Remak

    Discovered cell membrane.
  • Mendel

    Father of genetics.
  • Schneider

    Saw chromozones in mitosis.
  • Schneider

    Saw chromozomes in mitosis.
  • Golgi

    Discovered golgi bodies.