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johann sebastian bach

  • Birth

    Bach was born in Turingia ( Alemania).
  • music organ

    BachThe music for organ, was composed between 1700 and 1713
  • Bach´s music

    Of Bach's instrumental music 227 pieces remain for organ, 189 pieces for clavicémbalo, 20 for instruments to only, 16 for chamber, 30 orchestral ones and 18 speculative ones
  • musician

    After finishing the studies, Bach achieved a position as musician Bach had a position as musician of the court in the chapel of the duke Johann Ernst III, in Weimar, Thuringiain
  • church

    They offered him a position better paid as organist inThey offered him a position better paid as organist in St's church.Blasius
  • Wedding

    He married Maria Barbara Bach, his cousin the one who would have seven children, from which four came to the adult age.
  • Weimar

    They offered him another work in weimar and
    an excellent salary and the possibility of working with professional musicians were a motive to leave his position in Mühlhausen
  • Tragedy to Bach

    While Bach was travelling with the prince Leopold, the tragedy came to his life: his wife, Maria Barbara Bach, died
  • Other wedding

    Other wedding
    He married He married Anna Magdalena Wilcke. They had thirteen children. They had thirteen children
  • Leipzig

    There was offered him the position of Singer and the musical director in the Lutheran Church of Saint Thomas in Leipzig
  • Death

    he died in Leipzig, after an operation in the eye because bach he had remained a blind person