John Donne

  • Period: Jan 21, 1572 to

    Stuff that happened while the poet dude lived.

  • Jan 25, 1577


    A Hindu monk, Tulasidasa, has written Tamacharitamanasa, said to be the greatest of medieval Hindu literature. It increases Rama worship in northern India.
  • Jan 25, 1577

    Two-handed clock

    The first clock with a minute hand appears, developed by Jost Burgi, a Swiss clockmaker.
  • Jan 25, 1580

    Oda Nobunaga prevails!

    With the surrender of the last great Buddhist fortress-monastery, in Osaka, Oda Nobunaga becomes the master of central Japan
  • Jan 25, 1582

    Nobunaga fails!

    Oda Nobunaga is assassinated. A conflict over succession follows, with one of Oda Nobunaga's loyal military leaders, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, winning against Oda Nobunaga's descendants
  • Microscope : o

    Mechanical inventions are on their way to advancing science. A spectacles maker in the Netherlands, experimenting with several lenses in a tube, discovers that nearby objects appear greatly enlarged. The modern microscope is born.
  • Hideyoshi prevails!

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi expands his rule to all of Japan
  • Hideyoshi goes crazy!

    1592 Toyotomi Hideyoshi turns his attention to conquests abroad. Drawing from his military successes he thinks his armies are invincible, and he foresees himself conquering the rest of the world, beginning with China, by way of Korea, which he invades.
  • Temperature-measuring instrument completed!

    In Italy, Galileo develops the first thermometer.
  • Shakespeare's golden years!

    An English actor and writer, William Shakespeare, age 30, is busy writing plays. He is a Renaissance man, his work less devoted to God and more about the vanities of people than were the writings that preceded the Renaissance.
  • Hideyoshi dies!

    Hideyoshi fails in a second attempt at conquest in Korea. His campaign ends with his death. He leaves an order for his forces to withdraw from Korea
  • Bruno Burned!

    The Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno is burned at the stake.
  • Tokugawa dominance begins!

    Japan's royal court recognizes the military dominance of Tokugawa Ieyasu and grants him the title of shogun. His military government is based at Edo (Tokyo).
  • Lizzie dead!

    A frail Queen Elizabeth dies at age 69. She is succeeded by a Calvinist and devout Presbyterian, King James VI of Scotland, eldest son of Elizabeth's cousin, Mary I, Queen of Scots. James becomes James I, King of England, Ireland and Scotland.
  • V for Vendetta!

    A plot by extremist Catholics to blow up the Britain's Parliament fails. The perpetrators are hanged.
  • Galileooooo Telescope Stuff

    Galileo exhibits the wonders of the telescope to the pontifical court. He tries to produce scriptural confirmation of the view that the earth revolves around the sun, but he is rebuffed.
  • Great Men Die!

    William Shakespeare dies. So too does Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • Bubonic Plague!

    The Republic of Venice, a maritime power, has been declining, exacerbated by the bubonic plague killing almost 500,000 people. The government responds with a church built for Our Lady of Health and Deliverance -- Madonna della Salute.