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  • Stonewall Riots

    Stonewall Riots
    The Stonewall Riots in New York's Greenwich Village spark the gay rights movement.
  • Kent State

    Kent State
    Ohio National Guardsmen kill four students at Kent State University.
  • Twenty-sixth Amendment

    Twenty-sixth Amendment
    States ratify the Twenty-sixth Amendment to the Constitution, giving 18 year olds the right to vote.
  • SALT I

    SALT I
    The U.S. and the USSR sings the SALT I accords in Moscow.
  • Truce

    United States and North Vietnam sign truce.
  • Nixon

    Richard M. Nixon resigns as president.
  • Vietnam

    The last evacuation helicopter leaves roof of U.S. embassy in Sagion, South Vietnam.
  • 1976 Election

    1976 Election
    Jimmy Carter defeats Gerald Ford in the presidential election.
  • Panama

    President Carter signs Panama Canal treaties restoring sovereignty to Panama.
  • Guyana

    Over nine hundred followers of Reverend Jim Jones die in a mass suicide in Guyana.
  • Soviet Invasion

    Soviet Invasion
    The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan leads to the U.S. withdrawal from the 1980 Moscow Olympics.
  • Presidential Election of 1980

    Presidential Election of 1980
    Ronald Reagan wins the presidential election by a landslide.
  • Hostages

    American hostages in Iran are released after 444 days in captivity.
  • O'Connor

    Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first woman U.S. Supreme Court justice.
  • Equal Rights

    Equal Rights
    The Equal Rights Amendment fails state ratification.
  • Grenada

    The U.S. invades Grenada.
  • Election of 1984

    Election of 1984
    Ronald Reagan is re-elected president.
  • Gorbachev

    Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader of the Soviet Union.
  • Iran-Contra

    The Iran-Contra affair is made public.
  • INF

    Reagan and Gorbachev sign INF treaty at Washington summit.
  • Election of 1988

    Election of 1988
    George H.W. Bush defeats Michael Dukakis decisively in the presidential election.