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  • its a mad mad mad world

    its a mad mad mad world
    buddy hacket plays in the movie.
    its about people who go in search of a buried fortune.
  • the godfather

    the godfather
    one of the best movies ever.
    marland brando played in the movie.
  • young franknstein

    young franknstein
    its a mel brooks film.
    igor was marty feldman
  • animal house

    animal house
    the death mobile is the coolest part.
    one of the most funny movie ever made.
  • the sandlot

    the sandlot
    its about a bunch of kids who have a secret baseball dimond.
    they are scared aof a giant man eating dog.
  • titanic

    leonardo decaprio stars in the movie.
    based on a true story.
  • galaxy quest

    galaxy quest
    a dreamworks picture.
    tim allen played as the captin
  • the curse of the black pearl

    the curse of the black pearl
    the first pirates of the caribbean movie.
    orlando bloom plays in the movie.
  • national lampoons christmas

    national lampoons christmas
    chevy chase stars in the movie.
    remasterd version.
  • curse of the were rabbit

    curse of the were rabbit
    its a wallace and gromit film.
    an inginos film.
  • the producers

    the producers
    will ferill plays in the movie.
    name of play spring time for hitler.
  • king kong

    king kong
    newest king kong movie.
    jack black stared in it.
  • cars the movie

    cars the movie
    owen wilson plays as lightning mcqueen.
    based off the real road route 66.
  • the simpsons movie

    the simpsons movie
    fist ever simpson movie.
    spider pig in movie.
  • at worlds end

    at worlds end
    last pirates of the caribbean movie.
    chowyun-fat stars in the movie
  • kingdom of the crstal skull

    kingdom of the crstal skull
    last indiana jones movie.
    my personal fav indy movie.
  • get smart

    get smart
    another funny steve carell movie.
    the rock also stars in the movie.
  • dinner for shmucks

    dinner for shmucks
    steve carell plays berry.
    its a dinner for idots.