The Baroque

  • Birth

    Arcangello Corelli born on 17 February 1653 in Fusignano, a city of Italy. He was the son of a prominent family in the city.
  • Begins the history!

    In 1666 he traveled to Bologna, where he studied with Giovanni Benvenuti and Leonardo Brugnoli.
  • Academy Philharmonic

    In 1670 he became in a member of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna.
  • Rome!

    Arcangello settled in Rome, where he was adopted and hosted by Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni, a nephew of Pope Alexander VIII. In Rome he attained extraordinary fame as a violinist, while perfecting his compositional technique. He was protected by Queen Christina of Sweden.
  • 10 sonatas in trio

    In 1681 he published his first collection of sonatas in trio form, designed to be played in church, as the third (1689), the second (1685) and fourth (1694) were composed for the camera.
    Sonada da chiesa, op 1
  • The first violinist!

    In 1682 he became the 'first' violinist in the orchestra of the chapel of the Church of St. Louis of the French, the national church of the French community in Rome.
  • Arcomelo Erimanteo

    This year he entered in the Congregation dei Virtuosi di Santa Cecilia, the same year that he adopted the name of Arcomelo Erimanteo.
  • 12 sonatas for violin

    In 1700 he wrote 12 sonatas for violin, cello and harpsichord, opus 5. Among them, the number 12 th, is found La Follia
    'La follia' Violin sonata in D menor
  • The enter in the Academy of Arcadia

    His fame was such that in 1706 he joined the Academy of Arcadia, a high distinction at the time, where he met Domenico Scarlatti.
  • Death

    Finally Corelli died in Roma, and was buried in the cemetery of the church of Santa Maria ad martyrs (the Pantheon in Rome).
  • Concerto Grosso

    And finally Corelli wrote his famous concerti grossi, published posthumously in 1714.
    Concerti grossi, opus 6