Albert Einstein

By chatfam
  • Albert Einstein Born in Ulm, Germany

    Parents: Hermann & Pauline Einstein
  • Moved to Munich, Germany

  • Moved to Milan, Italy

  • Moved to Aarau, Switzerland

  • Moved to Zurich, Switzerland

  • Moved to Bern, Switzerland

  • Daughter Lieserl Born (Given up for Adoption)

  • Maried to Mileva Maric

  • Period: to

    Married to Mileva Maric

  • Son Hans Albert Born

  • Three Major Scientific Papers Published

  • Son Eduard Born

  • Moved to Prague (Currently Czech Republic)

  • Moved to Zurich, Switzerland

  • Moved to Berlin, Germany

  • Paper Published on General Theory of Relativity

  • Divorced from Mileva Maric

  • Married Elsa Lowenthal

  • Period: to

    Married to Elsa Lowenthal

  • Receives Nobel Prize for Science

  • Patent Received for Einstein Refridgerator

  • Moved to Princeton, New Jersey, USA

  • Letter to President Roosevelt Regarding Atomic Bomb

  • Becomes US Citizen

  • Albert Einstein Dies, Princeton, NJ of Heart Failure