Breaking-up of the Soviet Union

By whitean
  • NATO and Warswa pack square-up

    This happenned due to the fact when the Russians thought they had the right to intervien with NATO .
  • Korean War

    Even the the Korean War was a victory for the Soviet Union it showed how much the other countries didn't want the Russian Communists ini ther country.
  • Anti-Communists Rebellions in Europe

    The rebellions first started in East Germany in 1953 then worked its way to other communists controlled countries.
  • Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War started when South Vietnam declaired itself independantfrom the North which started the War.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cuban missile crisis was a conflict between the United States and the Russians . The U.S.S.R. promised Fidel Castro that if he leads under a Communists rule they will provide him weapons.
  • African states war fronts

    During this time many battles between the USA and the Soviet Union were in Africa.
  • Russia invades Afganastan.

    Russia invades Afganastan due to its muslim up-rising.
  • Fall of the Soviet empire

    The Soviet Empire ends.
  • Cold War ends

    The end of the Cold War,and the tearing down of the Berlin wall marked the end of the Soviet Union and the start of the U.S.S.R..
  • Berlin Wall comes down

    The Berlin Wall was finaly torn down.