cold war

  • Nato And Warsaw Pact

    Nato And Warsaw Pact
    US and Canada and 9 other countries formed an alliance they pledged to help each other out if any of them were attacked (North Alantic Treaty Organization).
  • Period: to

    Nuclear Arms Race and Detente

    Beggining at the end of WW 2. US and Soviet Union began a race to matchor top each other's new wepons.the result was a "balance of terror" people lived in constant fear of nuclear dastruction. In 1970 Americans and Soviet arms control agreement led to an era of Detente which was a relaxation of tensions.
  • Chinese Civil War

    communist forces in China led by Mao's zedong fought a civil war against the nationalist led dy Jiang Jieshi, Mao's forces had won and they set up the people's republic of China this republic discouraged use of Buddhism, Confucianism and other traditional Chinese ways.
  • Korean Conflict - After WW II

    Korea was divided into 2 -Comunist North Korea led by Kim il Sung - NonComunist South Korea led by Syngman Rhee. N. Korea attacked the south in July the US steped in to help south Korea.
  • Vietnam Conflid

    comunists -Ho Chi Minh Led North Vietnam
    Non comunists - Ngo Dinh Diem ruled South Vietnam
    By the earlyer 1960's communists guerrilla fighters from the North appeared in the jungles of the South
    In fear of a dommino effect the US stepped in to to prevent that from happening .
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    Soviet union responded to N.A.T.O. by forming it's own alliance called the warsaw pact. Soviets restored to keep their satellites in order.
  • Period: to

    Communist Cuba and Missle Ceisis

    fidel castro took over the country and transtormed it into communist. known as the Calsan Reslution. Missle Crisis- Soviet union sent nuclear missiles to Cuba. President Kennedy Drdered a a and to preuent further shipments and demanded thet the Soviet Union remove the missles. this caused the world to fear a nuclear war. Eventually they removed the missles.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    Berlin was split into 2 sections- Weat Berlin being democratic. East Berlin being communist.In 1961 East Germany built a wall that sealed off west Berlin. The wall was built to keep people from fleeing.